Shifter boot replacement instructions

by Pat Voigtman -

This job should take about 30 minutes. The only tools needed are a #10 socket, a Philips screwdriver, a knife, and three ounces of gearbox oil (75W90).

  1. Order two new shift boots (lower and upper) from Roebuck @ $15/each.
  2. Unscrew the shifter knob.
  3. Remove the plastic console from between the seats. There are five screws, one on each side of the front, one under the ashtray, and two by the fuel tank release knob. Be careful when removing as there are wires attached near the passenger front side. Unhook these wires.
  4. Remove the isolation on top of the shifter.
  5. Remove the four bolts (#10) holding the upper shift boot. Remove the old boot.
  6. Put the car in neutral.
  7. Remove the three bolts (#10) holding the lower shift boot.
  8. Lift the shifter (and lower boot) out.
  9. Remove the lower shift boot from the shift lever. You may have use a knife to cut it off. Look at the new one before cutting off the old (you don't want to cut off too much.)
  10. Put a little bit of gearbox oil on the shift lever and slide the new seal on. It goes on VERY hard. FYI - There is a nylon o-ring that needs to be put back on BEFORE the lower seal goes on.
  11. If there is any oil in the turret (it was dry in my 90), use a turkey baster to remove it.
  12. Refill the turret with 3 fluid oz of new oil (gearbox oil). This will fill it up about half way.
  13. Replace the shift lever. Notice the indent on the front (on the ball portion). This indent needs to line up with the front of the car.
  14. Replace the upper shift boot.
  15. Replace the plastic console

Drive around the block and see if it shifts any easier.

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5 July, 2005