Clinton Ray Host's Supercharged 1990

The Car:
1.6 liter with 181K miles. BEGI Autorotor supercharger @ 10 psi. GReddy exhaust, Moss header, Flyin' Miata programmable ECU

Comments by Shiv Pathak: Torque peak occurs at a lowish 3400 rpm. Peak HP at 5800 rpm. Torque falls off at higher rpms, suggesting over rich conditions in current ECU tuning. More power definitely possible with further ECU tuning.

Comments by Hemphill: Shiv is right (as usual). This car, like Bill Clifford's was literally bolted together the night before the event. Car is now much stronger. Car continues to demonstrate poor tuning at idle, particularly cold idle, but I'm convinced that Clint will work out the bugs and the car will be a low end torque monster.

Dyno Results: Host and O'Brien

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