Ara Malkhassian's cold air breathing 1991 Miata

Normally Aspirated Cars:
Ara Malkhassian - 1991 with 46K miles on a 1.6 liter engine, Jackson header and CAI, Borla exhaust

John Youens - 1990, 1.6 liter engine, 56K miles, Jackson header, Racing Beat intake

Manuel Chau -1990 with a ported and polished head

Comments by Shiv Pathak:
Manuel Chau's car is strong for a stock 1.6 (typical is in the 90-95 hp range).

Comments by Hemphill:
Apparently Jackson CAI works even when car is not moving.

Dyno Results:

Approximate RPM curve reflects torque and HP curves cross at 5250 rpm
and assumes Youens and Chau cars it a 7200 rpm rev limiter

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