Artwork by: Rebecca Zook

Floor It!

An Editorial by Gary J. Fischman

If you're anything like most enthusiasts, you have a tendancy to baby your Miata. You wash it frequently, wax it regularly, you're serious about proper maintenance.

But when was the last time you took a good look at your floormats? You know, those things that match the color of your interior carpeting that the dealer threw in to the deal like he was doing you a big favor. You probably would have bought them anyway because you said to yourself in the back of your mind "I gotta protect the carpeting. Gotta have floormats."

Great. So you have these floormats, but if your Miata is more than two years old, they probably look like they were used as the Welcome mat at Olympic Stadium in Atlanta. Why did you bother to get floormats to protect the carpeting? You wanted to keep the carpets nice, right? So how come you have such groty looking mats? You might as well have saved the money and just let the carpet get groty. The result is the same.

Mats But there's an easy remedy for this little problem that you're probably embarrassed about right now. Just get new floormats! Your Miata interior will look great! While you're shopping around, check out some of the aftermarket mats that have the Miata logo in different colors. I just picked up set with a Red Miata logo. They look great!

Now, about those seatcovers...