The SoCalm Challenge!

10THMAW.gif (19143 bytes)SOCALM would like to issue a challenge to all the other Miata Clubs in the world. Traveling to the Texas event, after being inaugurated in Irvine, will be two banners to commemorate the Miata and it's heritage. One banner will feature a map of the World, the other will be basically blank. SOCALM is challenging the rest of the *world* to see how far the banners can travel together (by Miata) before the end of the year 2000.

The plan is simple. The banners are to travel by Miata from club to club in whatever direction that fate will determine. As each club gets them, they are to use a permanent marker to place a dot on the map at the club home city. Then, they should "connect the dots" with an arrow & straight line to mark the banner's route. All members of the club will then sign the blank banner. Finally, to track the progress of the banner, take a photo of the club's membership along with the banners. These photos can then be posted on and listed in Miata Magazine.

As these Miata banners cross North America & the world, they will encourage clubs to hold joint events with each other. After all, a joint event is the best way to transfer the banners from club to club. The only way the banners  can travel that is not by Miata is to fly them off of the continent (Hawaii, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.).

The goal is for the banners to return to California in time for the joint California Miata Club's event at Hearst Castle in November of 2000. Whenever the banners are back in southern California (if not 11/2000), they will be given to the San Diego Miata Club. While SOCALM had the honor of starting these banners on their journey, SDMC will have the honor of ending the journey. Once the banners have been in San Diego, they will be brought up to Irvine for presentation to Mazda.

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13 May, 1999