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June 1997

Ken Walker

Congratulations to Ken on the selection of his Crystal White Miata, "ICE CUBE", as our June Miata of the Month!

I bought this car because it looked fun. I had not even test driven a Miata before I knew that I wanted one. I hadn't even driven one before I ordered and purchased TIC-TAC, sight unseen. You see, I come from a long line of "Roadster People" and after having an E-Type Jag and a 66 MGB in my immediate family's generation, I knew I'd have to have a Miata before it was over.

What I had not anticipated was the amount of sheer joy and opportunity that lay before me the day they rolled her off of the loading truck... In so many ways, it seemed that one small thing after another would eventually snowball into enormous moments of fun and/or life changing experience. Who'd have thought these things would come out of a car? Here are just a few examples:

TIC-TAC and I have driven in parades, escorted dignitaries through ceremonies, and tossed Halloween candy to kids together through years past. When I moved to Minneapolis from Houston, I added the hard top, 4 steel wheels, 4 snow tires, and 12 coats of wax to TIC-TAC and changed her name to ICE-CUBE. She's handled the winter very well and I hope she's around for many more to come. I joined the Northstar chapter of MCA and hope to swap a lot of stories and lessons with a new and unique group of folks here.

Technically Speaking

ICE-CUBE is a '93-C Crystal White Miata with Torsion limited-slip and the MSSS stereo as original extras. This car is the only child I have, so I've spoiled it rotten. Here's a list of the items I've added since her purchase (I'm listing them here off the top of my head, I've kept a detailed list of all of the aftermarket purchases, along with their installation dates but its buried in my "important paper" box somewhere...).

I would love to thank Gary Fischman and Keith Tanner for their work on the Miata.Net classifieds and the mailing list because without them, I could not have purchased my Voodoo knob and grip, my wheels, my Miata.Net banner, my tires, my Jackson Exhaust, my Genie Performance Header, or my boot pouch at such great prices. ICE-CUBE owes the Internet a huge debt of gratitude!

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