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The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

July 1997

J. Roberto Giraldo

Congratulations to Jose on the selection of his Miata, as our July Miata of the Month!

The Colombian center is almost covered with mountains, just the Pacific and Caribbean coast are flat places.

We live in Antioquia state which is more than 85% mountains and where the country's biggest textile factories and our home today is located. We're in the middle of a big tableland at around 7100 feet above sea level - very near the Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport and 25 miles from Medellin city, (2.800.000 people, and around 78° F., 4800 feet above sea level), the Antioquia´s Capital.

Our routes have a lot of turns on which the Miata has the opportunity to show us how he can take these without any problem, and with the best security sensation. Our time to go to the city has been cut to around 10 minutes - this is wonderfull!! We don´t have seasons and the weather is generally confortable so we can ride to every where with the top down.

Our city doesn´t have a lot of Miatas. Some White, Red, Blue and Grey (Silver? - Ed.) but only 2 BRG - limited edition numbers 3518 and 3519.

The people in general look at them with a small or sometimes very big smile because they are like a toy. The best unusual story until now happened on day when my father, (he doesn't speak English), was waiting for my mom outside of a supermarket when a little 7 year-old kid asked him "Where did you buy this little car?" My father told him that in a toy store very near there. :)

Long ago, from having many fast and confortable cars, my father was introduced to the Miata when a friend bought one. After having a short ride in it, he was sure that this car had very good technology and a beautiful, classical style which he loves, and was very similar to the Lotus Elan which is imposible to see in our country.

We always wanted (my father and I) to buy a convertible car but preferably with an English style. We found it, with a very good price for our country - US $22,000. The import taxes are very high to protect the cars that are manufactured in Colombia like Renault, Toyota, GM and Mazda in popular models. To can have a Miata in your garage, you've got to have others vehicles in your home. We have a Toyota Tacoma club cab and an old German, 1985 Mercedes Benz with 47,000 miles on it. In the Miata, the whole family can´t get a ride !!!!!!

In recent days we have added some stuff to our car like Headers, Borla exhaust system, chassis braces, Splitfire spark plugs, Bosch ignition wires, K&N air filter - and every day we love our Miata more and more because all of our friends want to have one like this!

In our city, Medellin, there are 20 Miatas and we are trying to form a Miata Club - Medellin Miata Club. We recently had our first meeting!

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