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The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

heart1.jpg (22286 bytes)December 1999

Denise Brown

Greer, South Carolina

Congratulations to Denise on the selection of her Miata, as our December
Miata of the Month!

heart2.jpg (21122 bytes)I worked days at Corporate BI-LO as an Executive Assistant and was having a hard time, being single, putting my son through college. So I had to work 2 jobs. 88 hours a  week at Roberta's, and another 45 at BI-LO.  I take care of Roberta Mabry, a 79 year old lady that recently had a stroke that has left her paralyzed on her left side. The only way to  get her in and out of bed is with a lift. So that pretty much restricted her from going anywhere unless we called the Wheelchair ambulance that cost over $100 each trip.

I had always dreamed of owning a Miata. I had purchased one for my last husband's birthday, and then we split, and he kept the car. Then I found a '90 Miata with 60,000 miles, hard top,  and all records. The car was in perfect condition! The couple was having a baby and needed to sell.

Anyway, I bought the Miata, and was loving it!

heart5.jpg (20862 bytes)When Roberta came home from the hospital, I knew I would never get to drive the car much because we would be homebound now. We  had to use a lift to get her in and out of bed and the wheelchair. But  using it to get her in and out of a car was not possible since the lift  would hit the top of her car.

Roberta used to always say that she wanted to ride in my little hot rod  before she had her stroke. But she just wasn't able to get in and out of it.

I started brainstorming one evening and I thought 'Why not use the lift and the convertible?' That just might work. Well, I tried it and the car was   too low to the ground. So I talked to some cool old man that puts hydraulics on these funny cars. He said it would cost about $800 to install  hydraulics that would lift the left side up enough to fit the lift under the car. I said no. My 19 year old son made me some ramps that I could drive up on easily. When we then tried to fit the lift under the car,  it worked! I practiced getting my son in and out of the car, and I didn't  see any problems, so I tried Roberta.

heart4.jpg (20836 bytes)It worked like a charm! She loved it.   Finally she could ride in my little "hot rod."

That was fine as long as we just wanted to go for a ride. But what about  doctors and church?  I checked around and found a 4 x 6 trailer with mesh   bottom for $500. I bought it. Then I ordered a trailer hitch for the Miata.  I was hoping it would pull it ok. I knew nothing about trailer and hitches.  The wheelchair and lift fit in the trailer just fine. The lift weighs about  120 lbs., but it breaks down into 2 parts, and I can handle loading and unloading without a problem.

Now we're able to go to church, to the doctors, shopping -   anywhere she desires! She  is getting better and she gives credit first to GOD, then to the Miata. She  said if she were younger again, she would buy one herself. She loves the  wind in her hair, and the smell of country. I just love my Miata. It is the most fun car I have ever had.

I was able to autocross my husband's car once in Charlotte and I miss all that stuff....

...ut now my time is cherished loving and taking care of someone who needs me.

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