The MX-5 Miatas of the Month from

December 2000

Jerry and Holly Haley


Congratulations to Jerry and Holly Haley on the selection of their Miatas as our December
Miatas of the Month!

My Miata infection started on the downside. First, my wife's 1993 Plymonth Laser broke the timing belt for the 4th time, then 3 days later my 4X4 Pickup caught fire because of a shorted starter. I suddenly was carless. I rented a Neon to get to work the next day, which was a Wednesday.

Wednesday night, me and my wife went to the Carmax (Car Dealer) web site and browsed the available cars based on price. We narrowed it down to a few cars, with my requirements basically 2 of following 3. Rear wheel drive, V-8, convertible. I steered my wife to the Miatas. The plan was I would fix the truck, and we would get her a used car at Carmax - giving up on the Laser. On Friday I left work early and went straight to the Miata we saw on the web (97 touring package). Found a salesman, drove it and said I would take it. Called the banker, then the wife, and I was suddenly a Miata owner (elasped time 45 minutes max)!

Part 2 of the story was I had to work that weekend at O'dark hundred Saturday (for you civilians out there, that's before the sun comes up), so drove my "wifes" Miata in to work. This was the first convertible I had driven, and it was in the low 60s, no traffic, perfectly clear night. AWESOME, the exhaust at 80 was just noticable, the wind in my hair (well if I had hair it would have been in it), was great, the car went where I pointed it, instantly. I decided right then I was going to get another Miata.

I completed the work, went back to the Carmax website (GREAT FOLKS), and picked out another Miata. Called them, and the banker, then the wife to start the deal. (NOTE: Wife was the hardest sell). Then on the way home stopped at Carmax and looked the next potential Miata over. It was kind of ragged out so I spotted another one that had been babyed, and POOF!!!! I was the proud owner of 2 1997 MX-5 Miata (both touring packages). 30 minutes was the total elasped time with Carmax this time.

All in all we are very happy, I meet all my requirements since they are both rear wheel, convertibles, and two 4 cylinders make 8!

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