The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

November 2002

Eric Altomare

Congratulations to Eric Altomare on the selection of his Miata as our November Miata of the Month!

I won't start with the why I have my Miata, however it's due to a friend, a BMW Z3 and some pretty poor performance on Z3's part...

I purchased a Black and Tan Leather Package in Feb. 2001 for 3950 bucks!! Complete Loss Salvage Vehicle....She had a whopping 196 miles on the clock! She was a sad sight, just waiting to be saved. I am a big classic car buff, and have performed a couple of full restoration, but had been yearning for a late model salvage restoration...

At my home I have the luxury of a fully equiped Kansas Jack Frame machine, as well as a fully equiped state of the art electronic measuring system (Shark). Both were used to the fullest extent to restore and rebuild this beauty that was lost before it's prime to within 1.0 mm of factory specifications..8 months of weekends and nights with help from my dad, friends, and whomever else was around, and she came together beautifully.

Oct. 2001 She was ready for the State of MA. salvage inspection. Here's where it gets interesting..

Sept. 2002 Just this past Monday, almost 1 year after completion of the vehicle, it finally passed all of the requirements and I had my first chance to drive my car.... Let's just say, paperwork can stop a train...nothing has changed on my car since the initial inspection!!!

This is too long a process to document here. You can follow the entire restoration - minus paperwork! - on the following website. Warning! Not for the faint of heart. Ed

Eric Altomare


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