JL Audio 6CX-1 6.5 inch speakers

Reviewed by: John Daeschner - sugarmsc@swbell.net

Door mounted speakers, co-axial, with a nice touch: the tweeter, in addition to the standard series capacitor, is also shunted by an inductor, thus forming a 2 pole filter.

The installation of the speakers in the doors of the Miata was quite complicated since they are just slightly larger in diameter than the opening in the door. They also have four mounting holes, the stock speakers have but three. JL Audio supplies them without fanfare - no wire, no mounting hardware, no template - no nothing. I decided to mount them as follows: I made a template and drilled four holes in the door. I installed four #8 screws (3/4" long), each backed by a flat washer with the head of the screw on the inside of the door. I put on a lockwasher and a nut and tightened them so that I had four studs sticking out of the door. I stacked three additional flatwashers and another nut on each stud. I then installed the speakers and secured them with flatwashers and nuts. I also installed a rain baffle between the speakers and the doors with the bottom cut out for ventilation, and perhaps better sound. The installation is very solid and fits under the door panel without causing it to bulge at all. I also ran new wires for the speakers since I removed the stock radio and did not want to cut the harness. I lined as much of the interior surface of the door with Dynamat as I could. I am now convinced of the usefulness this product. The doors have a much more solid feel that you notice when you close them. No more rattles. Hardware could have been #6, the flatwashers I used were smaller in diameter than standard off-the-shelf hardware. Metric hardware, say M4, might be a better choice since the nuts and washers tend to be smaller in diameter.

I am highly satisfied. Damn good sound with less vibration than I expected. These speakers are not efficient, I am running 50 honest watts, but it would be inadvisable to power them directly from the stock radio. I paid $129 at a local store. They have rubber surrounds and plastic cones - no paper in the door for me. I have had good experience with JL's in the past, although never a subwoofer, and I find them to be a relative bargain. Next: new head rest speakers....

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