Butterfly Luggage 7-piece fitted luggage set

Product of the Month - March, 1997

Reviewed by: Richard Dekker - rdekker@telusplanet.net

Seven piece fitted luggage set to fit the contours of the Miata's trunk perfectly.

I ordered the luggage as a suprise for my wife Brenda prior to our trip to Vancouver last summer to attend a Sea to Sky/Puget Sound joint event. It arrived on time, and the box was loaded with extra stuff from P.J. Morris. The luggage is made of a durable nylon and has stood up quite well to all of the use that it's recieved in the last year. We ordered the blue set to match our Mariner Blue car and I must say that it's a good match - other colours available are red and black. The set consists of a large suitcase, two smaller (but deeper) suitcases, a round case to fit in the spare tire, and small carry bag (great for shoes), a small case (perfect for a few towels and a bottle of Meguiar's Final Inspection), and lastly a garment bag for those large items of clothing.

We are both very pleased with the luggage and would definetly recommend it to others who need to cram everything they can into the trunk. All of the pieces come with a small Miata Club of America tag, which looks classy on the luggage, and when spotted by a bell-hop, prompted an unexpected conversation concerning the car. As for the price, I had no qualms about paying the $249. Proves that in order to do all of the fun modifications every now and again you have to keep the spousal other in mind.

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