Auterra Dyno-Scan

[12/20/2004] Reviewed by: Kevin Haywood -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.8 liter

Auterra OBD-II Dyno-Scan for Palm OS PDAs.

Dyno-Scan is a Palm based OBD-II scanner that includes the ability to read, display and graph a variety of parametric data as read from your car's OBD-II connection. It can also display OBD-II trouble codes. The use of this product requires that you have a Palm OS PDA. The product includes CD ROM based software and a cable connection to mate to you car's OBD-II connection. You will also need to be able to sync your PDA with a PC. The manufacturer also sells a variety of cables to mate various PDAs to the OBD-II cable. The application allows your PDA to read trouble codes. The software allows you to load databases of trouble codes, both generic and vehicle make specific codes. The more interesting features include the ability to display, record and plot acceleration and power vs torque. I found this useful when assessing bolt-on enhancements such as intakes and exhaust headers. The unit can also display fuel economy as well as the output from multiple sensors.

I have found this product to be very easy to use. It has allowed me to interpret trouble codes and save time and money in repairs. I have also used Dyno-Scan to evaluate performance of various intake systems.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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