Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000

[5/25/2011] Reviewed by: Robert Ladd -

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Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000 Code Scanner

Works Good

I baught my Autoxray EZ-Scan 6000 about 3 to 4 years ago. I've tested about 3 automobiles for personal use.The scanner quit working , so i called the help number.They said that they did not repair them. and tried to sell me a new one.They still tell you where to buy them at thier web sight. I lost several hundred Dollers. !!!!!!!!! Do not buy Autoxray code scanners unless you want grief !!!!!

Not an installed item

AutoXray EZ-Scan 5000

[4/10/2004] Reviewed by: Steve Bourne -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.8 liter

OBD-1 & OBD-II code reader/OBD-II scanner

Used with my '97 Miata M, BMW 325i, BMW 525i

The AutoXray EZ-Scan 4000/5000/6000 are OBD-I and OBD-II code readers and OBD-II scanners. The 4000/5000/6000 appear identical except for color, and run the same software, however each has different software options enabled. Also, the 5000/6000 each come with OBD-I and OBD-II cables, while the 4000 comes only with an OBD-II generic cable. The 4000 and 5000 can be upgraded to have the functions of the 6000 by calling AutoXray, paying a fee, and obtaining an upgrade code. This code, when entered into the scanner, enables additional capabilities. For the 4000, purchase of additional cables may also be necessary.

The AutoXray EZ-Scan 5000 allows OBD-I code reading and OBD-II code reading and system scanning. The EX-Scan 5000 supports OBD-II generic attributes, and allows the monitoring of supported OBD-II generic parameters of the car, such as intake air temp, coolant temp, air flow, timing advance, Oxygen sensor operation, fuel trim, and other parameters. These parameters can be monitored in real-time (with a slight delay due to scanning) as the vehicle is operated.

The operating system of the EZ-Scan 4000/5000/6000 is stored in writable memory (flash?) so that the operating system can be updated with your PC as new capabilities become available. The system runs on 4 AA batteries, and does not appear to support an external power option. The display has a backlight feature by default, but this can be disabled to conserve battey life. The screen is easily viewable without the backlight under normal ambient light conditions. The interface is simple and fairly intuitive, once you get used to its operation. The hierarchical menu system requires you go up and down the menu tree to get to specific areas, but is not difficult to master.

The 8-line display allows for monitoring of up to 4 parameters on a single page. Additional parameters are viewed by paging up or down through the list of monitored parameters. Unfortunately, the order of the displayed parameters cannot be sorted; they are displayed in a pre-set order by the device. If you only want to monitor 4 parameters, then those four can be set while the others are disabled, thereby allowing the 4 desired parameters to be displayed on one page of the screen. Otherwise, the parameters you may wish to monitor will have to be accessed by paging the display, and the parameters you may want to monitor may not appear on the same page. This makes comparison of related parameters slightly more difficult. It would be nice if AutoXray updated the system so that the display order of the parameters could be set.

The EZ-Scanner allows logging of system parameters, but is somewhat limited in this regard. The system will only log 29 sampling periods, which at the maximum scanning period of 5 seconds means that only 145 seconds can be logged. This feature is not very useful unless the problem you are tracking is creatable on demand; in this case you can log the data only when you have or will create the problem. If you are trying to diagnose an intermittent problem, you have to be ready to tell the system to log as you drive around waiting for the problem to occur. Also, the EZ-Scan 4000/5000 do not come with the software necessary to download the logged data to your PC, although the information can be viewed on the unit's display. The EZ-Scan 6000 comes with software to download logged data.

I used the EZ-Scan 5000 to monitor my engine operation, and to reset the "check engine" light when my testing caused system errors. The device produced "plain english" code definitions, which was very helpful. The system worked well, and performed exactly as descibed in the owners manual - a welcome and pleasant suprise.

All in all, the product worked well and as described, however, at $429.00 the EZ-Scan 5000 is rather expensive, particularly given its limited logging and scan display ability. For infrequent use, many PC-based scanners are less expensive and have better logging capabilites; PC-based scanners sometimes also have more display options.

Not an installed item

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