Car Caps (TM)

Reviewed by: Tammy Sudol -

Caps that fit on the valve stem on tires. Each cap is aluminium and has a black top with a silver Miata logo on it. The set includes 5 caps.Ordered from Moss Motors.

These caps were easy to screw on and add a nice touch to my wheels. They look much better than the standard plastic caps that I had.

I'm not one to change much on my Miata as I consider the car to be almost perfect as it is; however, I thought that the caps would a nice touch to the wheels. The caps were $12.00 U.S. and with the Canadian exhange, duty, and shipping, they cost me about $30.00 (Cdn). I found them to be worth the price and I'm pleased that they come in a set of 5 so that I can easily replace one if it gets stolen.

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