Clifford AutoImmobilizer 2

Reviewed by: Lester Welch -

An automobile security system involving coded keys and electronic disabling of ignition and starter motor.

Have had the system for two weeks and it is very convenient to use and functions as advertised. Thirty seconds after turning off the ignition the system arms itself and a flashing red LED is prominently displayed. If the ignition is 'hot-wired' OR the ignition key is inserted without disarming the system, the starter motor will not crank. Disarming the system requires the insertion of a small 'audio-plug' looking key into a tastefully mounted recepticle. Two keys come per system and the system can be 'programmed' to recognize up to four keys. Thus one key can be programmed to work in more than one car. Window decals are furnished as well.

The advertisements say that even if the system is ripped from the car, the car will remain non-functional. I have NOT tried this, but I believe it. I wanted a system that will stop the amateurs, would not have an errant alarm to hassle with, and provide a sense that with unlocked doors and a softtop the car would be where I left it. This system is EXACTLY what I wanted and seems to work well. A 3 point electronic disabling model (3rd point is the fuel pump) is also available. Installation time for vendor is about 1.5 hours.

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