Duetto's Italian Dual Air Horns

[12/23/99] Reviewed by Greg Watanabe - gregwatanabe@hotmail.com

This is the Fiamm Triple Air Horn kit, with Miata installation hardware and instructions supplied by Duetto Motors. I received the kit in only two days, but Duetto overcharges for shipping. Actual shipping was $4.30. Duetto charged $9.00 for "shipping & handling". I hate when mail order companies do that, it's just a pet peeve of mine.

Total installation time was 75 minutes, including time spent reading the 3-page instructions. The difficult part of the install was positioning the rather large horn assembly (the three horns attached to the T-bracket) in the small mouth of the car. I had to bend the bracket slightly, and still had a hard time positioning the horns so they wouldn't touch the radiator.

The only mistake I made was when I tested the horns inside my garage with the garage door closed. After the ringing in my ears went away I was a happy camper. Overall I'm highly satisfied with the horns.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Carl C Machemer Jr - CCMachemer@aol.com

Duetto's Italian Dual Air Horns for the Miata.

The kit came with all hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for the Miata. I did discover that it was better to install the plastic tubing to the compressor before bolting it in rather than trying to wiggle your hands up into the engine compartment. Also, the fuze was the right amperage but the WRONG physical size for my '97 Miata. I had to go to NAPA and get the correct fuze to fit in my fuze block.

The horn works well and is loud and distinctive enough to get attention but not so loud as to be found irritating by my fellow drivers. Despite reading somewhere that it might not function well in cold weather, mine has worked perfectly below zero degrees. Very pleased with the product.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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