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Electric Life Power Window Kit

[5/4/2010] Reviewed by: NAEunosRoadster

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Power Window Kit, Aftermarket, Specific for the Miata

I have two JDM Eunos Roadsters (Miatas), each with a power window drive cable broken. Fortunately, they were on opposite side windows. In researching my options, I found a number of Miata aftermarket window kits on the web. The Electric Life kit looked good because it's custom for the Miata and has a screw type cable drive, which to me looked more durable then the OEM Mazda design (as many of you can also attest). I researched availability on the web and found a retailer in California, reasonable price and kit in stock. The kit arrived in a nice shrink wrapped to cardboard package. The instructions were very sparse, so read them, scratch your head and consult The door trim removal procedures are very clearly detailed by others and once the old broken parts are removed, the new power window track and motor went in as one unit. The brackets included have some pivoting adjustability, which makes the installation straight forward. The hardest part is ! installing wiring connectors (crimp type) that plug right into the OEM Miata wiring connector. You need to test the switch gear to ensure you have it wired the right way (so up is up and down is down, if not, reverse the two electrical connections). The regulator and motor assembly use OEM holes, so it was a very clean install. While you have the inner door panel off and the water shield peeled back, please take a couple of minutes to read everything on about "slow power windows". I found cleaning and re-application of lithium grease to help smooth things out and speed things up. I paid $200 for this kit and two OEM power window regulators would cost more and may be less reliable from my view. Overall, it took me 2 hours to do two power windows, including cleaning and lubricating the tracks. The Electric Life kit exheeded my expectations and certainly at a very nice cost point.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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29 September, 2010

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