Garmin GPS 10 Deluxe with City Select Mapping

[4/25/2005] Reviewed by: Dave Lynch -

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This is a gps receiver that connects to a pocket computer wirelessly. It includes detailed mapping for all of North America. Combined, the two will record your track, or plan a route to a destination by address, or selection of recorded points of interest.

I've used this product in Canada, where I live, and in Florida during a visit. It works well. You transfer maps to an expansion card in your pocket computer. Once you input your destination it will select a route for you. If you're directionally challenged, as I am, that can be a great help! If you travel off route it will select a new route for you.

Great for planning or recording Miata drives. Carry enough mapping for extended trips (requires expansion cards) Another use for your pocket computer It's like always having a map open that says "you are here"

Not an installed item

Garmin gps V

[7/10/2004] Reviewed by: Dave Lynch -

This gps receiver is portable and may be taken from car to car (or walking!) It requires mapping software from Garmin, unless you are truly skilled; some do make their own maps.

I'm delighted with this receiver. However, my most recent software (mapping) product has such large files that I can run out of map in my gpsr after an hour's drive! Canadian mapping (City Select) with the gpsV is terrible; it covers about 4 cities. The rest of Canada is a great void. I don't have unlocks (copywrite protection?) for US mapping, so I don't know how good it is. It takes about 45 minutes to erase the maps within the gpsr and load new maps from MetroGuide Version 4. This map is so much better, but the limited memory in the gpsr will make it obsolete. All in all a good gps receiver, but past its prime. Dave L Mississauga

When you are buying a gps receiver with map capability make sure that you try the maps out before you buy.

Not an installed item

[12/31/2002] Reviewed by: J Costello -

Garmin GPS V, Deluxer

Works great, easy to start up, easy to load maps and very user friendly. Point to point directions, although without the voice like the Street Pilot, the loud beep gives you plenty of warning for your next move.

Really like the ease of use and small compactness of the unit. Easy to install, can be placed on the dash using velcro or just set it in the passenger seat and go.

Not an installed item

Garmin Streetpilot III

[11/27/2002] Reviewed by: Tony Durand -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

GPS receiver with color display, auto-route function, and upgradeable memory.

I got the chance to use this GPS receiver on a month-long cross-country trip, so I spent some time with it. Pros: Large color screen: The background switches from a light to dark background automatically at dusk. The text on the display is large enough to read without too much effort. Maps: Contains built-in database with the base map of major US highways across the country. Detailed maps can be downloaded into the memory card to provide street-level guidance. I used Mapsource Metroguide. Auto-Route Function: This is what you're paying for! Destinations can be entered as a street address, intersection, or city. Businesses are also stored in the searchable database. Driving down the interstate and need gas? Punch in gas stations into the GPS and it will list the distance, direction, and the ETA of the nearest ones. Fun features: Full-featured trip computer that keeps track of current, max, and average speed, trip and stop time, and countless other features to keep you busy.

Cons: Routing speed: The GPS will follow along just fine if you stay on course. Get off-course and it takes the unit more than a minute at times to calculate the new route. Too often the new route starts with a turn you should have taken 1/2 a mile ago. The cycle repeats until you somehow stumble on the new route or you stop and let the GPS catch up. Transferring map data through a serial cable: This is very slow. Use the USB device. Datacard limits detailed map storage. Bean-bag mount sold separately: The included mount is for permanent installation to the dash. $: More than twice the cost of a GPS V which can calculate routes equally as slow. I ended up returning the receiver, because of the routing speed. Maybe I'll take another look when the next generation comes out...

Under 5 minutes to remove

Garmin gps V

[4/22/2002] Reviewed by: Dave Lynch -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

GPS receiver, handheld, with mapping and navigating

This is an incredible navigation tool with detailed mapping. It comes with a cd rom map that you activate for one of a number of zones. The Canadian map (the one I'm familiar with) focuses on the zone closest to the US. Perhaps it would be ideal for American users who travel in Canada infrequently. I've found that the map could be more detailed for Canadian mapping of Miata routes. It should show more secondary roads. It compares well to the gpsIII and III+ that I had. Sensitivity is good; it locks onto satellites well. In our Miata with top down, up or hardtop on, it works very well. Navigation is easy. Pick a landmark, intersection, or address and it will pick the fastest or shortest route for you. Need to find a restaurant, gas station, or bank? It's in there! (If you're in a location with detailed mapping, that is.) and it will plot a route for you.

I tried a Garmin legend. Small car you know, and the legend is small too. The screen was too small, and hard to read for my 55 year old eyes. Sensitivity was poor. It lost satellite coverage when I was standing below a tree--with no leaves! Sensitivity cannot be corrected by adding an antenna with gain as you can with the garmin V. If you wish to have a navigation system that you take from car to car I recommend the Garmin GPSV. Dave

Not an installed item

Garmin GPS III Plus

[11/2/2000] Reviewed by Dave Lynch -

The GPS III Plus is an upgraded receiver with internal memory.

The internal maps may be supplemented with those sold by MapSource.

It has been a delight to use. From the beginning the mapping was better. The CD Rom maps from MapSource show even more detail.

The III Plus is significantly improved over the GPS III!

Best feature is being able to download routes taken to the PC using MapSource CD Roms; even these maps show more detail than those on the GPS III.

Second best feature is trip planning creating waypoints on the PC and downloading to the GPS. Using this feature it's transformed from a passive navigation device you are here! to an active device.

This upgrade has resolved issues that I had with my GPS III. It failed when the internal battery died. The internal battery was supposed to last ten years; it lasted less than two.

The first GPS III was an award winning product; this III PLus is even better!

Not an installed item

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