Goop Household Adhesive and Sealant

Reviewed by: Merwan Chehab -

Goop is a adhesive that binds to about anything it touches.

I purchased this product because of the soft top flapping on the middle bar over the head of the driver. The glue that originally attached to this area has stopped working. At speeds above 50mph the soft top will lift up about 2inches from this bar. I thought the best solution would be to glue it back together. I have heard of gorrilla snot but I could not find it and I knew that there must be something as good. Goop worked great. When applying, don't apply too much but apply enough. Once I applied the goop, I put weights on the soft top over the bar for 12 hours. The next morning, the top was set and no flapping in the wind. The product is also transparent and it will flex slightly. I have a crack in my rear window which I am sure that it will work great on.

I would highly recommend this products for the soft top adhesive problem. A tube of it cost $5.00
Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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