[7/18/2006] Reviewed by: Hal McGee - wmcgee@triad.rr.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+

This kit consists of a very large C-Clamp and three sleeves to receive or orient the bushings. There is also a heavy duty plastic case to carry the tool. I purchased this kit based on Flyin Miata's recommendation for replacing the bushings in my suspension.

This kit definitely makes removing the bushings much easier. I was able to get all four bushings out of the front suspension arms in less than 20 minutes. From what I have read in reviews of various bushings, this has been a nightmare for other people. This kit definitely destroys that myth. I spent much more time removing the A-arms than I have spent replacing the bushings. I used the C-Clamp to help push the bushings in until I realized it was probably just as easy to wrestle them in by hand. I used a paperback book to give the pressing point a flat level surface to keep the bushing flat against the opening in the A-arm. I use a breaker bar and socket to turn the bolt. I actually did all four bushings with no assistance, just a solid surface to work on.

For the price, this kit is a must if you are going to replace the bushings in your suspension. Do not expect Sears Craftsman quality and shine, just a good solid tool made for this hard job. Harbor Freight also sells an additional kit with a larger variety of sleeves. I did not find this necessary. Instructions are included but it should be obvious how to use this tool as it is quite simple. This tools makes bushing replacement a tedious task, not an impossible wrestling match.

Not an installed item

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