[4/18/2002] Reviewed by: Charlie Schoch - treehater@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Its HPI the big name in road racing R/C cars. A 4 wheel drive set up electric powered

I took my roommate and myself about 8 hours to completely assemble... a VERY involved project. But it was all fairly easy to understand VERY well constructed.. all carbon fiber and space age plastic like stuff.

I put an all copper trinity race motor in it and the thing FLIES ... it is a 1/10 scale car that must do 25 or 30 real miles per hour, in a parking lot i can overtake real cars.. or cut donuts with an R/C .... I am very pleased with the whole deal and would recommend it to anyone inteested in both R/C cars and miatas.. the plastic body (shell) ois shaped like a miata from the kit but you can order other makes if one is so inclined. The kit is 200 dollars or so from any R/C shop, but after a good motor ( you know you want the most powerful one they have in stock..try 80 bucks) and radio gear it turns into more like 500 dollars.. but WELL WORTH IT.. if you love miatas.. go buy one.. right now. Why havent you gone and bought one yet?

Not an installed item

HPI Miata Mini (Electric)

Reviewed by: Tom Mak - jyrki@ix.netcom.com

Here is a product that you might want to get just for a little fun on the weekend. It is a R/C racer by HPI. This is the electric one in the mini chassis. So far I found the body to be very close to real life, it has all the decals that you need to make it like the "big car". The building process takes about 10 hours, but it is well worth it. There's nothing more fun than looking at a real size Miata with a 1/10th scale Miata with the same look parking next to each other (make sure little one don't get stepped on)

People love the looks of the car :)

HPI Radio Controlled Mini Nitro Car Kit

Reviewed by:Anonymous

Its a radio control car with the new 99'model body. You have to build it from the chassis to painting the body.  It runs on a nitro fuel and has a .12 size engine.  It also has oil filled shocks on all four corners and low profile radial tires on five spoke rims. I got it for around 200 dollars from Tower Hobbies.

This car has many hop up parts to make it go faster and quite a few body styles that are optional. But it came fully equipped and ready to run fast. You will need a 2 channel radio for the car and a glow plug igniter and fuel.

It took about one week to build it and two days to  paint the body. The kit has great detail to the body  and comes with many decals. This car is very fast,  running about 40 mph and is pretty loud. It turns  sharp and stops on a dime. All in all it was fun to  build and more fun running it full out top speed with the engine blaring and smoking. If you're interested  in more information, check out www.hpiracing.com

Under 5 minutes to remove

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