"inTENse Miata - The Ten Year Retrospective of a Classic"

[1/12/2000] Reviewed by Peter Brusa - peter_son@yahoo.com

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448 Pages of Miata madness, photos, stories, info, press releases, etc - You name it! This book has it all. Published by Media Source Publishing and by Barbara Beach. Book was numbered and signed by Barbara Beach.

Got the book as a gift for Christmas and is a great addition to my 5 Year Anniversary book, which is considerably smaller. The inTENse Miata book is similar as the 5yr Retrospective book with a hard leather bound cover and gold foil printing on the front. Comes with a certificate and signed.

Overall I am pleased with this book, but it is not the same quality as the 5 Year Retrospective book. The inTENse book has much more to offer in terms of content, but some of the photos (not many) look grainy-possibly from being scanned or emailed from a computer from some of the clubs (i.e. page 150) and printed. Only on a couple, I could not make out what was actually in the photos.

Other minor issues my cover was warped and starting to bend upwards and the spine was loose giving some pages the chance to pull out of the book if I was not careful. I notified Barbara about these issues.

All in all, this is a great book that every Miata nut MUST have besides its minor faults. I love literature like this, especially when it comes to all the photos and wonderful stories. A great read for someone who is in their favorite chair by the fire.

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