Miata Floaty Pens

Reviewed by: E. George Oeser - george@oeser.net

a pen with a little red Miata
that passes a little yellow Miata and
catches up to a little white one!

I ordered 2 Miata Floaty Pens and patiently waited for about 3 weeks for them to arrive. When they finaly arrived I was quite happy, and amused, I spent about 5 minutes tilting the pen back and forth watching the red Miata pass the other 2 Miatas. Then it came time for the real test... I grabed a piece of paper, twisted the ned of the pen so the ball point would be exposed, placed the tip of the pen to the paper, and started to write. These pens are smooth, quick, and handle the curves with ease. Almost as much fun as driving my Miata, but you have to stand in front of an electric fan to get the wind in your hair feeling.

Yes they are kind of cheesey, and when I desribe them to my friends they seem to confuse these pens with the pens showing a woman who strips when you turn the pen upside down, they all want to know if when you tip the pen over if it becomes topless. Thay are a great conversation piece though, I loaned my pen to a gentleman to fill out a check where I work and this started a 30 minute long conversation about Miatas, Fiat 124's, and MG midgets. I think everyone needs a few of these, and I can't wait for the next design to come out!

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