Meguiar's Professional Education Video - How to Remove Paint Defects

[10/16/2005] Reviewed by: Hal McGee -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Training video on using Meguiars products to care for your cars exterior. Recommended viewing before paint touch-ups or trying to restore finishes using Porter Cable Dual Action polishers or equivalent.

The video does an excellent job of showing how to do many different techniques in caring for and repairing your cars finish. The video is aimed at people running a detailing shop. It would also be appropriate for a paint shop or paintless dent repair shop. The video is divided into different chapters. I got the VHS copy and I would recommend getting the DVD if one is available so you can skip easily to the chapter you need. They do an excellent job of showing you techniques on how to wet sand, and work with various power tools in getting the best finish possible. Also has a great tutorial on examining the car before you start so you can set a resonable expectation on just how much better you can make something look. I wish I had seen this before trying to do some paint touchups.

Definitely worth the time to sit down and watch. If you have a Porter Cable polisher or are considering touching up the paint and doing some wet sanding, this video has soem great insights that are hard to get just reading or looking at pictures on the car care sites on the internet. The tone of the video is 90% informational and 10% infomercial. Most of what I would call infomercial is them touting the differences in Meguiars products versus competitors, but even that is educational in its way. I will watch it again before my next big detailing project.

Not an installed item

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