Custom Miata Bike Rack by MM Marketing.

MM Marketing Custom Bike Rack

[6/25/2004] Reviewed by: Bob Hotaling - 

The package arrived neatly packed.  All parts appear to be produced with high-quality in mind.  Each is substantial and well designed.  The instruction sheet is clear and easy to follow.  In the kit received for review, there are two additional straps that were not included for safe use on a Miata.  Pictures showing those straps follow. 

NOTE:  As a result of this review, MM Marketing added these VELCRO straps to the product!


It's an easy unfold and installation in just a few minutes.  It comes off as easily and refolds nicely for storage.  The instructions include a warning to drive slowly when used on bumpy or dirt roads.   I found the installation and bicycle restraints to be very secure and worry free. The clips that attach to the trunk lip are well painted and protected but you may still want to put a thin piece of rubber between them and the paint.  I did not and have had no problems.



This picture does not show it well, but even with a lip-spoiler there are inches of clearance in the mounting and by the bicycle of any car surfaces.  Absolutely no worries about anything touching the car.   Except....


The front wheel needs to be secured "in-line" with a bungee as shown to preclude it turning and touching the car surface.

(NOTE:  MM Marketing now includes a VELCRO strap in all kits as a result of this review.)


And the same is true of the pedal mechanism.  I chose a short piece of VELCRO strap to accomplish this. 

(NOTE:  MM Marketing has included a VELCRO strap in all kits as a result of this review.)


The bike is held on the rack by two included adjustable straps (one shown.)   There is plenty of extra strap and plenty of room on the rack to hold two bicycles easily as shown on the view below.   There is a some overhang on the sides so watch the tight parking spots!


It's a well-designed and made product that "fits" and "works" on a Miata very nicely.


I'm a believer in pictures tell the story but if you have any questions, please contact me at  Additionally, the frame of this rack adjusts so it not only works on Miatas but fits securely on every other car and truck I've tried it on.   Excellent Product!

Happy Motoring -- and Biking!

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