MM Marketing Electric Trunk Release Kit

Reviewed by: Oliver Kaufmann -

Electric trunk release kit with high quality parts. No solenoid, but a fine servo, all wires, except a short black one, included. A functional, but cheap looking yellow switch, which is mounted in the center console. You have to drill a small hole for the switch.

Installation was easy and fast to do. Attaching the servo and routing the wires took about half an hour. Even for a Non-DIY an easy job. The release kit is permanently connected to power, so it's possible to open the trunk at any time.

It works like it is supposed to do.

Highly recommended for those without an OEM manual release. Price is about $25. Compared to $80 for the parts of the manual release a fair offer

Reviewed by: Tony Schreiber -

Fat-ass solenoid, bracket, wiring and instructions for a electric trunk release.

The solenoid is big! I was like, "gee, I think this is enough to open the trunk..." Apologies to Norm, but the instructions are awful. Not badly written or anything, but they tell you to power the solenoid from the rear parking light output. I'm sorry, but the parking lights work without the key, so I didn't go that route. The bracket mounts behind the felt-like cover on the trunk back wall. It sits on the little ledge there. It is held in place with two screws that go through the sheet metal. The ends of the screws are visible between the top of the bumper and the bottom of the trunk. I am thinking of coating that with silicone or something since they are exposed...

Everything works great. I didn't use the included wiring at all. I have a '94, so I have a manual trunk release, but (as I heard from someone on the list) I didn't want to worry about trunk access while the top was down and I also wanted to open the trunk from my new alarm remote. I ran two wires from the solenoid, around the trunk, through the tunnel, along the sill and into the dash. I had to wire a relay to use the alarm output. It basically works like this: The relay is powered by constant +12, one side of the solenoid goes to ground. The alarm trips the relay and gives the solenoid +12. boing, the trunk opens. The switch is wired to Ignition +12, so it only works when the car is on. I managed to get a black button and mounted it where the defrost switch would be. My wife says it looks very "factory" (after I showed it off :) )

Anyway, it works. and it's relatively inexpensive. $24.95 I think. Oh, I still have to disconnect the manual release. maybe next weekend.

Reviewed by: Jerry Shenkman -

Product marked made in China. The solenoid has a good, hefty feel to it. The switch appears to be of fair quality with cheap looking wire & chintzy push-on connectors. The instruction written by a "Mazda engineer" left a lot to be desired.

 I was able to install the release in about an hour. I have a well equipped shop & good mechanical skills. The sketches in the instructions were hard to follow, & there was no sketch to show how to route the wires into the trunk. With all this, the unit worked properly from the begining and all in all, I am well satified with it especially since I bought it "on sale"