Moss Motors Stringback Driving Gloves

[10/3/2004] Reviewed by: Eric Freeman -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Deerskin, string-back driving gloves.

Excellent product, highly recommended. My 2000SE's wood steering wheel can get a bit slippery on hot days and the stringback gloves stick like glue to the wood surface. They have given me much more confidence steering with one hand while shifting on windy roads. The XL size fits my large hands just fine.

Highly recommended for anyone with wood steering wheels.

Not an installed item

Moss Driving glove

[4/15/2003] Reviewed by: Timothy Chen -

Applicable to:

Moss Driving Glove

Bought it brand new from Moss and went on a 3K miles trip. The feeling is nicer than bear hands but the quality of the glove is poor. After 1.5K miles, the thumb to palm stiching was ripped and all the finger tips showed excess wear and I was just driving not racing. Moss was able to credit me back the money and I am buying a pair of Sparco gloves instead.

Not an installed item

Leather Driving Gloves - Moss

[11/6/2002] Reviewed by: Gregory King -

Applicable to:

But they're not color fast; they stain your hands. At least my black ones do.

Not an installed item

leather driving gloves - moss

[7/7/2001] Reviewed by: chris tran -

Applicable to:

leather perforated driving gloves with snap button

cannot find any like these anywhere. these are the best, hands down. whenever i see other driving gloves, like the ones with the velcro closure, it always gives me a relieving and satisfying feeling that i did not pass up the opportunity of getting these from Moss. compared with these, the others all look cheap.

these gloves feel great...what a rush. put on my leather driving gloves, grab my momo race steering wheel, grip my sola luna chrome shift knob, and see ya later...'cause i'll be in another world!

Not an installed item

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