Moss Motors Electric Trunk Release

[3/17/2001] Reviewed by: Aimee Knight -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

This kit is to install a remote trunk release button in your center console cubby. As the Moss website states, "Press the button and your trunk unlocks automatically."

As soon as UPS arrived I ran out too my car and proceeded with the installation of the Moss Trunk Release kit. I didn't read the instructions ahead of time, but I did figure I'd need my set of metric wrenches, a Phillips head screwdriver, and when I saw the word "drill" as I casually glanced at the instructions, I knew I'd need my small Black & Decker cordless with a big bit (1" to be exact, so I used a 3/8" and just made a few small holes). Even without prereading the instructions, the installation was a snap! I'm delighted with the product, and the end result. I giggle every time I press the big red button in my center console, and my trunk lid pops up.

The big red button should make it easy to instruct passengers how to open the trunk, but I keep wanting to yell, "No! Don't touch the big red button! You'll kill us all!"

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Tim Biggs -

A servo-moter and assorted wire harness applied to un-lock the trunk from inside the car and without using the key

Instalation could not have been easier as the instructions were simple and staight-forward and obviosly well-thought out. It took me about 2 hours for me to install this device ( but that was as a result of general mechanical in-eptitude and a phobia of all things electric ). An even remotly inclined individual could do this in a good hour. Despite that, I must say that completing this job yeilded a great sense of accomplishment, not for the least that the unit actually worked the first time. How 'bout that?

I've only had it on a couple of days and its already come in handy...I would seriously recommend this product. Its affordable, feels durable, and gives you a winner-grin when your wife looks at you like you're a freakin' mechanical genius (though still an average speller).

Reviewed by: Toby Weir-Jones

+12VDC gun-style electric trunk release kit w/all necessary hardware. $29.95 from Moss.

Product works great, installed as advertised-- no drilling required, a big plus. Includes a custom bracket that attaches to the mounting bolts for the rear lock cylinder assembly. My particular kit didn't include one of the self-tapping screws needed to attach the servo to the bracket, but I just substituted another and it worked fine. Wiring was simple and elegant, not sure I'm too happy about the big yellow button though. The kit recommends  drilling a hole in the front vertical wall of the   locakable armrest compartment. Instead I routed  the wires through the gaps on the side of the  ashtray/cupholder receptacle so I could use the switch until I install my alarm and wire it to the remote.

Overall, an easy install for even a neophyte,  definitely worthwhile--very satisfying to see the fruits of one's own labour! It will be particularly useful once it's wired by remote.

Kit was purchased through The Dealer Alternative, who arranged to have the kit drop-shipped straight to me from Moss. The Cardells are very personable on the phone and provided exemplary service! I will be sure to make any other Moss purchases through them in the future (as well as all their  own produts!)

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