Old American Landyacht Horns

[4/24/2004] Reviewed by: Thomas Miro - TMiro3438@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Delco-Remy horns in D and F keys from an 80's Cadillac - a perfect fit for my 2001 LS.

As a previous reviewer stated, the OEM horn leaves a lot to be desired. I wanted to replace them with a commanding big-car sound, and GM had exactly what I needed. A one dollar entrance fee at U-Wrench-It, five minutes to remove a set from a 1980 Sedan DeVille, and $5.00 later I was good to go!

This particiular set bolted directly onto the radiator bulkhead, much as the original does. There is a threaded hole on the left side to attach the second horn. Only slight modifications to the Delco brackets is required for a good fit, and installation is absolutely sanitary. Five minutes for a mini "harness" to connect the two new horns to the original female connector, and you have a supremely affordable, incredibly effective, and completely reversible modification to your Miata. The best $5.00 I've ever spent on any car!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Albert Rizos - mrizos@ucsd.edu

Ecology Wrecking (must be similar pricing at any other junkyard) sells car horns for only $5.50 each with a 30 day warranty. Mine (two; hi and lo) came off a late sixties Plymouth Fury.

Came with no instructions! I went to the junkyard, found a large, old American car with multiple horns, took my 10mm wrench and removed the horns. At home, I fashioned simple brackets to secure each horn with the bolt holding the little struts which go between the lower corner of the front bumper fascia to the frame. Then I ran a wire from each horn to the wire which originally connected to the factory horn. Done. Easy. Loud. Nostalgic in the truest sense, with a sound we haven't heard in years. No more chintzy horn. Now commands BIG respect from those overlooking my little car. Cheap, at $11.00 for the horns.

Junkyards offer a great selection of horns from other proud old American cars. Had I had the correct wrench, I'd have preferred the triple (lo, mid, hi) rack of horns from the '60-70's Cadillacs. Those would've set me back $16.50. Thanks.

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