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Washer Nozzle - Pilot Automotive CZ-112

[1/28/2008] Reviewed by: Joe Smith - monkeyspitbeer@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

LED Washer Lights, they come in three different colors, Chrome with white lights, Red lights, and Blue lights.

I ordered them, then found a review on this site. I wished I had read the review before ordering them. One of my washer nozzles had broken. I wanted to replace them both. I looked and looked.. my dealer in rediculous.. so, I look and then one's that I found were high.. then I found the lighted set. The advertisment implied they were for the Miata. I thought they would be a simple fit. I should have spent more and went to my dealer or looked harder on internet and found them. They are not an easy install. I read the other review.. thinking that I am of average intelligence... I foudn an easy way to install them... see below.

Novelty.. but the right one.. but if you really want to install.. here is how I did it.. I did not want to cut or drill on my Miata. The nuts that come with the new nozzles are 14m or 9/16.. barely small enough to fit into the hole. I placed the nozzle with the two wires through the hole. I feed the wires to one side.. not into the same space that I would need to push the nut onto the end of the nozzle. I took a 10mm deep socket and held the nut on the end and placed masking tape around nut and the shaft of the socket. Do this in a manner to allow the nut to be threaded onto the nozzle. I used a simple small tie wrap as a guide.. you could use a wire... I placed the tie wrap through the socket and nut... then placed the washer through the tie-wrap.... then the rubber washer. I held everything in one hand and inserted the end of the tie wrap into the nozzle end. Slowly moving upward.. the rubber washer was a tight fight.. then the steel washer.. and slowly move t! he socket and nut up onto the nozzle.. turn to the right.. I pushed down on the top of the nozzle to help compress everything. Yes, this will only end up hand tight.. however, remember it is plastic... you can't get it much tighter.. the tape will seperate from the nut... and you will be able to pull off the socket and the nut will be in place.. then you just have to decide how to wire the unit. i tied into the parking light relay... done.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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14 February, 2008

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