Puma Speed Cat shoes

[5/17/2001] Reviewed by: Matt King - matty@autospeed.com

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A low-cut suede driving shoe, that essentially looks like a racing shoe but is cut below the ankle. Has a very narrow and thin rubber sole. Mine state Not Fireproof, but those made in other factories apparently are FIA approved. They are cheaper than most racing shoes as well.

They are very snug fitting, and not great for walking in due to the thin hard sole. This however makes them perfect for driving, easy to heel and toe, and modulate braking pressure.

They look kinda weird, but the (white on red in my case) Puma stripe is more appealing than most plain race shoes, and a Sparco tag on the tongue adds to the boy-racer appeal. Highly recommended for the keen driver.

Sorry, I don't know where you can buy these from any more.

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