Stealth Edging/Trip by Saeng-TA

[1/16/2001] Reviewed by: Gene Matocha -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A rubber strip which sets up a stable turbulence pocket (vortex?), and raises the wind line a few inches. It is designed for motor cycles. I'm 6', and the wind coming over the windshield always hit me right at my hair line. While I love the wind in my hair, I find it very fatiguing on long trips. I found a product called Stealth Trim.

Here is the URL:  They have a version of the product which has adhesive tape on one side. Here is how it mounts on the car:  This product does exactly what it says. Not only is the wind no longer hitting me in the hair...placing my hand above my head reveals the wind line is a full 5-6 inches above my head! Does the hair still get tossed a bit? Of course. But it's no longer's sort of gently pushed around in random directions. But, there is a down-side. Perhaps a big one. With the top UP, there is an INCREASE in wind noise. That "stable turbulence" turns the front 6" of the top into a drum. The first hint that something was different was a weird tapping at 25-30mph. It literally sounded like someone was tapping on the top with a stick. That goes away above 30mph, but at about 60mph the real noise begins...loud wind noise coming from the front 6" of the top.

One interesting side note: most of the noise seems to be coming from the center of the top. It may be possible to cut away the center foot or so and reduce the noise...but I haven't tried it. When I first put the edging on, I did some runs with the top down and then up. The extra wind noise was almost enough to make me take the edging off, but after a blissful day with the top down, now I'm torn. Anyway. If you're shorter, forget already enjoy the comfort of being under the windshield. If you do most of your driving with the top up, you'll hate this product. But! If you're tall or deaf :), and do all or most of your driving with the top down, this is absolutely a must-have. The perfect solution would be a strip that retracts when the top is raised :)

Under 5 minutes to remove

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