Product of the Month - 8/97

Tamiya Radio Controlled Miata

Reviewed by: Richard Dekker -

A 1:10 scale Mazda MX-5 Miata / Eunos Roadster. Wheels are of 1994-97 vintage, but decals will make either a 1990-93 Miata, 1994-97 Miata, or a Eunos Roadster. Tamiya model # 58180 on chassis style M-02M.

When purchased, the kit comes complete with a motor and a 3 speed mechanical speed controller, but still requires a radio transmitter/reciever complete with two servos, a battery, and charger.

Fairly simple to build (around four hours for chassis) with the body sheet taking about that amount of time too. The chassis is complete with four wheel independant suspension using mono shocks front and rear. The body shell is polycarbonate, which requires the use of special paint for the inside surface. The shell must be trimmed out of its casting, which takes a delicate hand in the fenders. Window masking is supplied, and tinting of the windows is recommended after painting to eliminate the unsightly interior's electronics. Some aftermarket hop-up parts that can be well used on this kit are the ball-bearing set, front anti-sway bar, oil filed shocks, aluminum wheels, stickier tires, an electronic speed controller (eliminates the need for the second servo), race motor with heat sink, and higher amp battery.

Despite the fact that the body shell is flexible, it can tear. Replacement body shells are available.

Heck of a fun car to drive! Still trying to get the steering down pat when the car's coming at me though.

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