Team Miata Chrome Engine Components

Reviewed by: Bill Meyer -

Chrome engine components that install over existing engine parts like clutch slave cylinder top, etc.

I had given thought to dressing up my engine further than the polished valve cover, intake manifold and JR Cold Air parts, but the chrome parts I've seen advertised seemed to look cheesy, for lack of a better word. I took a look at the Team Miata web site and perused their parts counter. I decided to order all the parts and give them a try. After a few days they all arrived in the mail and awaited installation. All parts were chrome plated, with the exception of the thermostat housing which was polished aluminum. Each part came in a sturdy reusable zip bag with very complete installation instructions. These came in handy when taking my cruise control box, mounted on the fender, partially apart. Most of the parts required masking tape, as encouraged by the instructions, on the inside of the chrome piece, since they just slip loosely onto existing parts, e.g. clutch slave cylinder, brake reservoir, charcoal canister. Well, after installing the chrome covers for the clutch and brake reservoirs, charcoal canister, shock tower tops, thermostat housing (requires removal) and chrome upper radiator hose clamps, the engine compartment didn't look half bad. Chrome seems to be of good quality for the price, and it looks very much at home with the other polished aluminum parts.

If you are as particular as I am about keeping your Miata clean at all times and don't mind weekly dusting and occasional polishing under the hood parts, these are a nice touch and really grab the eye. Total cost was $218 which includes a $25 core charge for the thermostat housing which is refundable when returned in the mail.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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