Team Miata Golf Shirt

[5/8/2001] Reviewed by: Larry Wright - larrywight@37.3com

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This is a short-sleeved "golf shirt" embroidered with a picture (front 3/4 view)of a Miata. I chose an M2 in Emerald Mica -- like my actual car, duh -- which came on a white shirt; I didn't see any choice of shirt color once the car color has been selected, but YMMV. There is no pocket, which makes carring a pen or sunglasses tougher, but it might have something to do with ease of the embroidery, although I have bought "car shirts" before where there _was_ embroidery on the pocket. My order took a couple of weeks, despite the manditory USPS Priority Mail ($6); either I chose a popular shirt and they were out, or these are all made to order.

The shirt is of -- in my estimation -- heavy material of a knit type. Not that it's uncomfortable, but it should last some time. The Miata image looks accurate, but my wife pointed out that it's too light to be really Emerald Mica. Under some lighting conditions, you can see the irregularly-shaped piece of backing fabric through the shirt, around the Miata. I bought a Large, and it seems to be a bit on the big side nonetheless, although it might shrink a bit in the wash. The shirt is labeled Made in Bangladesh, if anyone is concerned about such things.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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