TwistADent/Ding King

[2/25/2003] Reviewed by: Jim Creer -

As seen on TV ads, claims to remove dents and dings on vehicle surface to about 95-98% perfection in 30 minutes or less. Complete instructions provided.

Bought it primarily because of two relatively deep "Parking lot door dings" in Miata. One in lower center of driver's door, and a second ding in the slightly concave section near the upper passenger side rear wheel well. Practiced on my Aerostar Cargo Van. Dozens of practice points with 16 years of commercial delivery. Worked very well on shallow dents in lightly curved surfaces. A few here would rate at 100% removal. Steeper curves could probably rate to 95%, but took several pulls in multiple areas. As to the small deep door dings, it may be a stretch to say 95% for all of them. Dents in Camry trunk lid. Suspect caused by pushing lid too hard while closing. Would give that one a 99% with 7 or 8 pulls. Reached a point where was pulling the dent out too far and used the knockdown tool to tap back into place. 7 glue sticks later started on Miata. Same results on both small deep dings as on the Aerostar. My uncalibrated eyeball could say they are 95% removed.

If the above results concerning dent removal is objective, then have no reservation on suggesting the $30 tool. Ran out of glue sticks and cleaning solvent. Proponal seems to work as well for the solvent but other white or cream glue sticks did not work. The phone number provided with the kit took me to a Columbia Embassy or something so found web site to order refills as needed. Unknown how the tool would work on the aluminum hood. Tool did not faze my step-van. Steel was too thick.

Not an installed item

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