Valentine One Radar Locator

[1/30/2002] Reviewed by: Robert B yrnes -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

radar,laser, photo, locater

Have used various radar locaters since my 1981 280zx.From Fuzz Buster,Fox remote,Escort,Passport to the cordless model

I used the valentine 1 upgrade program where you can return your old model for a new and improved model.bnew model is smaller and fits perfect between my rearview mirror and upper windsheld and give full coverage . Product gives coverage all around with lousd alert for all types of coverage . Setup is can be creative when running wires.The $400.00 price is higher then most on the market yet so is the level of proformance

Not an installed item

[6/24/2001] Reviewed by: Ady Menon -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Full Featured Radar Detector - all bands, Laser and Photo Radar with Direction of Originating Radar/Laser.

I recently purchased a New V1 Detector from Valentine One ( I previously had a Whistler Detector. WOW!!! What a difference. I was so amazed. I went on the highway and traveled approx 30 min and the V1 was able to warn me every time without fault. I kept the speed at a constant 80mph and wasn't even worried about being nabbed. I gotta say that the $400 tag on one of these detectors is well worth the money. You gotta agree sometimes that you do really get what you pay for.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Anonymous  [8/10/99]

Full featured X, K, Ka, photo radar and laser detector that tracks the number and location of the offending device(s)/cop(s).

Recently, drove 3000 miles in five days and it saved me from a speeding ticket which would have been an enormous fine or worse.

By revealing the general direction of the radar warning, it allows the driver to distinguish b/w serious and false threats- to the side is harmless, front or back means watchout (radar/laser can only clock an accurate speed if its reading realtively parallel to the direction of travel). Its sensitivity is all that it claims to be with very few false alarms. There are adjustments for volume control/muting and modes for city/highway. The design is robust although the stealth option that puts the bright red LED readout in another location (away from where the cops can see it glowing from your windshield) tends to crack. Is it worth the near $400? Add up your speeding ticket fines, missed hours from traffic school/work, and insurance hikes over the past couple years due to speeding tickets and be your own judge. It recently saved me from a 95+ ticket in a 65 zone. I highly recommend it for all chronic speeders.

[8/22/2000] Update

i had to drive to chicago from los angeles in 2 1/2 days recently and my radar detector warned me 12 times to the presence of speed traps. the average speed was 74 mph including gas stops and food breaks. i would not have done this without this level of protection. on the way were 2 lasar, 2 instant-on and a bunch of steady state traps. in 10 of those cases, i visually located the offending law enforcement officer with the help of the arrows on the diplay.

bottom line i have saved money and arrived ahead of schedule many times by buying this device.

Not an installed item

[11/11/2003] Update

recently, i upgraded to a newer model on 9/03. over the course of a month, i drove 5400 highway miles and was annoyed with the new unit enough to send it back with one caveat: fix it if its broken but otherwise send my old unit back. this thing was a falsing machine in all bands - x, k, ka and laser. waaaaaaay more than the older unit and waaaaay too much to stand. no amount of fiddling with the custom programming could overcome it. valentines tech support told me that LED brake lights, neon signs, and sprint pcs phones that are searching for a signal will cause this unit to false. this is in addition to automatic door openers and garage door openers. i wanted to cry because i have been a staunch defender of valentine forever. too bad the escort 8500 lacks rear protection and directional arrows. otherwise, i'd get it in a heartbeat although i firmly believe that it is not clearly superior as some suspect website tests would have us believe.

Not an installed item


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