Dino Steering Wheel

Reviewed by: John Palazzolo - WHZZ@concentric.net

A smaller diameter steering wheel with a fat rim and center horn button. Covered in either leather or a synthetic(which I bought) Cost: $150

The wheel itself is great! It feels wonderful in your hands with comfy indents at 10 & 2 and a fat rim to hold on to! It looks very racy in the cockpit & is a dead ringer for the stock wheel in the Viper. I've recieved countless comments on it.

Installation was a real pain in the butt...not because there was brain surgery involved, but because I had to have the adapter hub drilled out at a machine shop to fit over the horn/airbag plug that comes off the stock mounting post. Also, I have yet to figure out how to turn off that annoying "Airbag" idiot light off the dash. And earlier story in Miata Magazine said crossing the wires in the hub would work...but it doesn't! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and by the way... watch out for the Ralph Nader wannabe's who'll try to chastise you for taking off the airbag. Hey, it's MY car...stay out of it!

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