Formuling France

Reviewed by: phil tong -

$300 Momo Champion lookalike for $74.99!

Installed in couple of hours - discovery time, worked very carefully around airbag connectors! Found the wheels at a drag race shop I hadn't frequented in, well, years...

Ok so it doesn't have the suede & perforated leather! But with a price like that you get the near the same look, brushed aluminum, diameter, feel and have bucks leftover for a new set of plugs and wires, maybe more.

Get the Grant adapter p/n 3597 as mentioned before on Miata.Net. Even better add the Grant removable steering wheel adaptor to foil car thieves! I left the clock spring thing on the column. The only drawback is the turn signals no longer self-cancel but no biggie now "little blue" is really like an old british sportscar ;) Also bridging the old airbags leads did not halt the blinking airbag warning light either, I will try the 3-ohm resistor trick and post back.

Great upgrade IMO why did I wait all these years.

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