HKB Steering Wheel Adapter (universal for Momo, Nardi....)

[1/10/2005] Reviewed by: Jim Fennessy -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Steering wheel adapter designed spec to fit a NA Miata w/ no airbag harness adapter but will work fine w/ a NB. Oh, also, it's cheap.

Well it's intended for NA but worked just fine w/ my NB. I removed the clock-spring assembly (although you can leave it in) since the airbag was pulled and patched directly into the horn circuit just to get rid of the unused wiring harness. The holes on the adapter don't line up very well w/ the turn-signal assembly but one of the "pins" on the assembly will lock in the adapter for sure (probably all you need anyway.) Right now a Nardi is bolted to it but it has holes for other types of wheels (6 hole config only) The airbag light blinked so I pulled it (useless now anyway.)

I bought this off e-bay from "4caroption" for $33.00 (after shipping) which beats all the other options for price. In a previous car I had a Momo w/ adapter; I don't know if the Miata adapter by Momo is also designed to be crushed in an accident but mine did; the HKB has no such feature. Probably not a problem since once my face meets the steering wheel it's over anywho.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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