Knobmeister wood shift knobs

[4/24/2000] Reviewed by Eugene -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Wooden shift knob excellent for extremely hot weather. I ordered mine classic red just to match my classic 1990. Boy! am I impress with the workmanship. Everything was done the way I ordered. The Knobmesiter (Joe Portas) is the best guy I've ever dealt with. Got my first knob but it craked because of something I did (got itchy hands). Talk to Joe about it and he instantly said he will send me another one, free of charge. Got the second knob after a week and have been using it till today. Not a single problem. One thing i like about these knobs is the fact that YOU choose the design you like. Unlike any other aftermarket knobs, knobmeister shift knobs are custom made to your liking. The quality of wood that Joe uses are top quality. Overall, I am happy with the product and customer service. Highly recommended.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[4/17/2000] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Custom made wood shift knob

I ordered a purpleheart, lead-filled shift knob from the Knobmeister around a year ago. I remember because it was a little odd to get a package with a return address of Littleton at that time. I held off on writing a review because I wanted to give the knob some time to see how it held up. I have some small cracks at the top, but that doesn't surprise me, purpleheart will do that, especially with the oil finish that I requested. I can't say enough about how much I like this knob! The Knobmeister was very considerate and thorough. Items were received exactly as requested and on time. The knob itself is great. It gives you the size and short profile of a voodoo without the heat problem, which could be nasty here in Houston. The lower profile makes shifts even more fun. How often can you get high quality, custom items at a price like this? Highly recommended.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Rook Younger -

Custom shift knob in ash wood with laser engraved Arizona Diamondbacks logo.

Installed in a couple minutes -- unscrewed factory knob, spun the new knob on. Extremely well crafted, with very detailed engraving and beautiful finish. A more natural feel in the hand, more to my liking than the teardrop of the factory knob.

The feel of the round, wood knob seems more natural in the hand. A somewhat harder feeling "snick" from gear to gear, probably from the shorter knob height and resulting decreased overall length of the shift lever. But this only contributes to a greater feel of the car to the hand.

The workmanship is flawless, and installation couldn't be easier. And the light wood looks so good against all the black in the cockpit.

And Joe, the KNOBmeister couldn't have made the purchase more convenient. He even refused to cash my check until I notified him that I had received the knob and liked it. I recommend this product unconditionally!

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Jack A. Phelps -

Wooden shift knob custom-engraved to specifications.

I really love my voodoo shift knob, but Texas summers can make the metqal knob into a lethal weapon. Since I have a factory wood console installed in my '99 black w/ leather, I thought that a wooden knob with many of the properties of the voodoo would be the answer. I contacted Joe Portas (aka the Knobmeister) via e-mail with a description of my idea and attached a .JPG file with a logo which I wanted laser-engraved into the knob. I ordered the SC size (at 2.1", slightly larger than the voodoo) with lead weighting. I asked Joe about payment and he said that he would send me the product and that I'd pay only if satisfied with it! Amazing!

The knob arrived in under two weeks. A perfect match with my console wood, quality was excellent! Joe had duplicated my logo perfectly. The new know fits the hand well and really dresses up the interior. Great product, hreat service, great company!

Reviewed by: Christian LoCascio -

Lead-filled wooden shift knob.

I originally ordered a silver 2.1" shift knob to match my MSSS stereo. The Knobmeister e-mailed me a great looking design for the top with the words "Limited Edition 100/1500" engraved around the Miata logo in the center. I got the knob in two weeks with a note saying that the words got smudged (one letter actually) and that I should try this knob out to see if I liked it before he made me another one. After using it for a week, I decided that I would rather have the smaller diameter (1.8") knob. I e-mailed my request for a "more silvery" 1.8" lead-filled knob with the exact same inscription. This time it took about two months to get the new knob, but it was definetely worth the wait. The new knob was the perfect size and an almost exact match of the color of my stereo. The only gripe I had was that the engraving was not filled in with paint. I was able to take a sewing needle and my Brilliant Black touch-up paint and fill in the Miata logo. Since filling in the logo, the knob looks incredible.

The lead weighting is very nice and make the gears shift very smoothly (I even have a C's short shifter). The engraving is also very well done. The knob sits nice and low on the lever and looks great. I am very glad that I went with wood instead of a metal knob because I usually have my top down and do not want my hand to look like that guy's in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I highly recommend these knobs.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Christopher H. Robertson -

SC (2.1" diameter) wood shifter (laser engraved) in Rosewood

Ordered the SC (2.1" diameter) rosewood, lead-weighted, shifter w/ the shift pattern, "MX-5", and Miata script logo engraved on the top. Shifter arrived approximately (2) weeks after I placed the order. Installation is a snap. Simply unscrew the OEM shifter off and replace with the Knobmeister shifter w/ Locktite 242 (non-permanent). Wood shifter is a superb enhancement to the interior. Engraving is top quality along with the finish of the shifter. The new shifter sits lower than the OEM shifter and therefore allows for quicker shifts. The "SC" (Skip Cannon) version is 2.1" in diameter and feels more solid in my hand than the OEM shifter. The Knobmeister also makes a 1.8" version if you like the smaller shifter type. Highly recommend this product for those looking to either enhance the Miata's interior or want a better shifter than the OEM. Total price was $45 which included lead weighting and the laser engraving.

Service from Mr. Portas (a.k.a. "The Knobmeister") was excellent. Ordered completely by e-mail.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Grant Miller -

Wood shift knobs in a variety of exotic woods in two sizes, either laser engraved or plain. Lead weighted or not, as you prefer.

Replaced my Voodoo knob with the SC size non-engraved, weighted knob in zebra wood. Simple to install and great to look at.  Joe the Knobmeister has come up with a great alternative to the legendary Voodoo knob that many of us know and love. I've had the Voodoo on my '96 since it was new, but after going through a hot California Central Valley summer, I felt (and my hand felt) the need for something a little cooler, in both senses of the word.  Joe, a member, has come up with just the ticket for those of us with sensitive palms, and a desire for a little dash of color and class in the otherwise dark cockpit.

I chose his SC (named for Skip Cannon) size knob with lead weighting in zebra wood. A little larger than the Voodoo in diameter, it feels just right in my hand. Being wood, it does not conduct heat and cold like the Voodoo.  And, oh my, what a pretty sight in the dark and light grained zebra wood! You can also have your choice of a variety of other woods, or even a painted color to match your Miata's exterior color.

The knob is a no brainer to install. Unscrew the old knob, screw on your Knobmeister knob, find the position it looks best, add a little loctite 242, and it's on snug. The 242 will let you break the seal with some extra effort with your hand, but keeps the knob on tight with normal use.

For a few extra bucks, Joe will laser engrave any knob with a design of your choice. Anything he can scan into his computer he can transfer to the knob. I chose the plain style only because I couldn't think of anything neat I wanted engraved, and because I was reluctant to detract from the natural beauty of the wood itself. Ordering was a cinch, the knob was delivered a few days later, and Joe refused to accept payment until I was satisfied with how it looked and felt.

In my opinion, and for the climate I live and drive in, this is perfect alternative to a Voodoo. The only drawback so far, is that I want to keep staring at the knob instead of the road.

Joe can be reached by e-mail at  and his website is www.users.uswestnet/~knobmeister

Try one. You'll like it.

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