Mazdaspeed  Steering Wheel

Reviewed by: Greg Germar -   [8/7/99]

Mazdaspeed "dimples" steering wheel

3 spoke black leather steering wheel, with the 3 and 9 o clock areas done in perforated leather. The spokes are done beautifully in brushed aluminum with the Mazdaspeed name laser etched on the bottom spoke. It also comes with a leather cover for the spokes, with the MS logo embossed on it, for those who don't want the exposed aluminum look. Center horn button is black witht he Mazdaspeed name. It even comes with a Mazdaspeed adapter which also has a built in circuit to disable the airbag warning light!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Vince Wu -

Genuine Mazdaspeed D-Cut leather steering wheel, made in Japan

This steering wheel was tremendously easy to install. Taking out my airbag wheel (sick of it for the past three years) was scary but easy really. No cutting, snipping or modifying any wires whatsoever. removing the stock steering wheel was a bit tough. I had a puller, but didn't use it. None of the puller's supplied universal bolts fit into the stock wheel's shallow holes, so I used brute force to get it out. I pulled out the old wheel without upsetting the clockspring, so I'm pretty happy. The installation of the new wheel with the genuine Mazdaspeed airbag adapter boss was a cinch. There was no need to modify any wires, do any drilling, anything at all to put everything together. Altogether a quick job if you have read the do's and don'ts of airbag removal, etc. in the garage section and understand what you're getting yourself into.

I love my D-Cut wheel. It's finished in beautiful black leather with a black, anodized three spoke center. It's three spoke shape reminds me of a cross between a momo monte carlo and a corse wheel. Absolutely delightful to caress when sitting in traffic, and a joy to spin around when making turns n curves. Handling changed big-time when the light wheel replaced the heavy old stock one. Now, the price paid for this wheel was actually pretty nice. Because of the weaker yen, snapping up these wheels were cheaper than picking up a deluxe momo or nardi. Check out the Mazdaspeed dealers for prices on these wheels. The people at Corksport seem to be the best deal I would go for, if I didn't pick up my wheel from Mazdaspeed Japan directly.

The airbag boss though, was expensive compared to the $60 or so momo hub/spacer combo. But, in my opinion, the Mazdaspeed package has a nicer finish than the momo adapters I've seen on my friend's. As well, it is a straight bolt on/off affair so taking it on/off is quick n perfect to do. The airbag adapter comes with all the necessary wiring to hook up the horn, and a really tidy little package (electrical thingy) to shut off the airbag light.

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