Momo "Pit Stop" brake handle

[1/20/2005] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

E-brake handle in a variety of finishes to match Momo shift knobs. This a generic handle--not Miata specific. Comes with a rubber adaptor (another $5) that mates handle with top of lever and release button. Installation kit (set screws and wrench to secure lower end of handle to lever) also included, but set screws are too short. I chose black leather/carbon fiber look, with discreet chrome accents at both ends. Added a Brainstorm chrome release button which matches well.

Just installed. Removal of stock handle has been previously described. For Momo handle, you also have to remove the stock plastic shroud just below the handle--it's a cheap plastic part that's held on by a single screw. The handle is too long otherwise. Next problem is that bottom set screw mount hits lever not in the fat cylindrical portion, but in the thinner rectangular (in cross section) portion. Also, the underside of the lever is open, so that although there are four set screw holes in the handle, you can only use three of them. Supplied set screws are too short, but invested $2.10 in three 12mm long screws at my local hardware store (14 or 16 would probably have been even better--12s just made it). With those, mounting seems quite solid. Finally, bottom of handle is unfinished for about 1/2 inch up, and is larger in circumference than most e-brake boots. Had a local shoe repair guy modify (widen) the "mouth" of my Nakamae tan leather boo! t, and it now snugly covers the unfinished area. Widened on underside, so not visible. Momo makes a leather boot to mate with these handles, but not in NA tan, and typically Momo priced.

Installation a bit of a logistical pain, but quick and easy once I got the right set screws and modified my boot. Mounting seems solid, handle is comfortably beefy, matches shift knob well, and looks great IMHO. Considering premium price of Momo stuff, you'd think they could provide a variety of 70 cent set screws. You will want (need )some kind of boot (Momo or otherwise) if you install this handle.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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