Nova super anotomic gear shift knob

Reviewed by: Tim Biggs (use name only on net) -

This is a medium-sized shaped gear-shift knob with finger and thumb grooves clad in red leather

Installation of this piece couldn't have been easier. As a novice in after-market applications , I was reluctant to really twist on the stock knob at first but eventually I got it off. From there it was smooth sailing...Nova provided everything needed to do the job from an array of adaptors for the stick to the proper Allan key to tighten the knob down. Admittedly not a major job, it was still satisfying to do do it, and the results look great.

The knob looks real trick as it matches the exterior's colour and it's the right size for my hand so the tactile feel is also improved over stock. The only complaint I can think of involves the weight of the Nova. Being much lighter than the original, I can now feel a bit more vibration and "grab" as it goes into the next gear. Now I don't mind this but in the interest of objectivity, I thought I'd mention it. Over-all I am more than satisfied with this purchase (at about $45 U.S. ) as it addresses the areas of the stick I wanted to improve and costs less than it's comparable competitors.

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