SnapOff quick release system for Momo steering wheels

[1/9/2002] Reviewed by: Christopher Lowrie -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

SnapOff quick release steering wheel system from in Canada.

This unit is sweet! Super high quality (Italian made) simple 5 minute reversable installation, absolutely no slop or play or loosness in original steering and it is so simple to just snap my Momo wheel on and off my M1 in just a second or two!

I got the street legal version for anti-theft purposes and it is a great design because every single unit has a different pin pattern so no one else with one of these snapoffs can mount it on my unit. Another unexpected plus for me (as a tall driver) is that the unit and required Momo adapter ring has moved the steering wheel about 1 1/2 inches closer to me which has added welcome extra leg room. I was also thrilled to discover that I was able to mount the snapoff unit on the FinishLine Momo hub adapter (and billet cover) that I already had installed - and thus did not need the hub adapter sold by tekniqauto for the snapoff system. All you need to install the system on the FinnishLine hub adapter is just the street legal snapoff ($119) unit and the Momo adapter ring. ($19) I have been looking for a quality unit like this for a long time and am delighted with it! Chris

Under 5 minutes to remove

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