Team Voodoo shift knob collar

Reviewed by: John A. Pellegrino -

Brushed aluminum collar in which the base of a Voodoo knob sits. Provides a transition (both visual and visceral) between the knob and shift boot. Available in natural, or anodized red, blue, and black.

The collar fits snugly on the black textured Voodoo knob, but loosely on my favorite polished version. I added a little strip of electrical tape to the bottom of the knob to prevent the ring from rotating. I also found it necessary to Dremel the sharp outside top edge of the collar--my fingertip was being "pinched" between the collar and the knob, which I found unnerving. Sandpaper would probably also work to smooth the edge.

Although I find it unfortunate that it is also not available in polished form (to match my wonderful polished knob), I consider it to be a "must have" for Voodoo devotees.

Reviewed by: pascal Young -

The little collar that goes between the shift knob and the boot

I realize it might seem like an absurdity to write up a review about a little collar, but this little guy really makes things look good. I loved my voodoo shift knob the minute I layed my hands on it, but the little gap between the knob and the boot really bothered me. The collar gets rid of this gap and creates a nice looking transition. Costing about as much as a good sized lunch I recomend eating PB+J for a day if the budget is tight.

The guys at Performance Buyers Club were really good to me, and the carry the collar so you might want to swing by their web site.

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