Rotten Apple Meets...
Jim Wilson

RA:    Hi Jim! Hey that's a great looking 1993 Miata LE you're driving.

Jim:   Howdy! Yep, I'm the original owner of 1993 LE number 455. She has been a steady workhorse as my daily driver for the last eight years. As she has always taken care of me, I have always taken good care of her. Including keeping her in a garage.

RA:    Well, she looks pretty good and it's great that you drive her daily instead of just leaving her in the garage.

Jim:    Paint JobYes, despite being eight years old, she is still in great shape, inside and out. Except for some dings on her bonnet from an "angry squirrel in an oak tree armed with acorns" incident and a single parking lot door ding she is in excellent condition.

RA:    I heard through the grapevine that squirrels were not your only problem - something about the size of your garage vs. the width of a Miata squared minus the cube of the tire dimension?

Paint BrushJim (chucking):    Well, it wasn't quite that complicated but it was my sister-in-law's fault anyway and her car was blocking the driveway.

RA:    Whoa! I heard YOU put the car in the drive and your sister-in-law was outta town!

Jim:    Oh, you've been talking to my wife. Yeah, I put the car there.

RA:    Okay, fess up what happened?

Jim:    Well, it was really my wife's fault, you know as she had sent me out on an errand and...

Paint thinnerRA:    Oh she was driving?

Jim:    Well, no. I was trying to maneuver the Miata around that car and into the garage when the garage reached out and bit my Miata! Here s a picture.

RA:    Ouch! And what did this trip to the drugstore end up costing you besides having to swallow a lot of pride and teasing?

Jim:    Five repair estimates ranged in price between $749 and $1054. After getting some advice from the Miata Forum, I decided to try some polishing compound with a light pressure. The results were as good as I could hope for. The finish is like new but I am left with a couple of dents. I guess I'll live with that until I get a new hood and then get a new panel welded in and the whole car repainted. Besides, anything else would have gotten in the way of my turbo project.

RA (ducking and running): And Jim will you be installing that turbo in your garage as well?


Congratulations to Jim Wilson for sharing his Rotten Apple story with us and we are pleased to send him a $25.00 gift certificate from MM Marketing as a special thank you for sharing!

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