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Road & Track Magazine acknowledged Miata.net again in the July, 1998 issue in an article titled "Driving the Internet".  In addition to posting a snapshot of our opening page, they wrote a nice paragraph about us:

"Mazda's Miata, a car that has captured the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, is represented by a number of sites. Without a doubt, the definitive one is www.miata.net .  Perhaps you need to know how to replace, upgrade or fix something? No problem, as one of the site's largest sections is "Tips from the Garage" where you can learn how to do just about anything to a Miata. You'll enjoy the sites intuitive interface, but it would behoove first-time visitors to start at the "Welcome" page. Loaded with an enormous amount of great stuff,  this site is certain to put a huge grin on the face of the Miata fanatic."

Matthew McLean
Road & Track Magazine
July 1998

We're really jazzed about this one! Road & Track readers voted Miata.net as the best automotive site on the net! (Road & Track, August, 1997)

The Ottawa Citizen wrote an article about Miata.net!

From the editor of Grassroots Motorsports

Very nice Web page. I just bought a '92 Miata, and your Web page was very helpful answering a lot of questions. I guess this means we'll be doing another Miata project.

David S. Wallens, managing ed
Grassroots Motorsports

Check out the review in the Special Car Journal.

The Review from Excite

If you're a Mazda Miata enthusiast, you've found a home and pals around the world. There's a ton of info here, so much that they have their own search engine. The disclaimer says this site is not sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by Mazda Corporation or the Miata Club of America. Too bad for them; this looks like a great site.


A Great Story from Kuwait

I just wanted to take time out to thank you for helping fix my Miata via the Internet.

Miata's are not sold in Kuwait, as they are too small for Kuwaiti's tastes, who prefer the 2-door junk from Detroit. Also the temperature is around 100-115F for 6 months of the year and small cars tend to overheat in slow traffic. I imported my Miata just 2 days before Sadam Hussein marched into Kuwait. Some Kuwaiti friends were ablr to hide it in their garden, over 80,000 cars were stolen during the invasion! We nearly had to offer the car as a bribe when he got arrested by the Iraqies, but they took cash instead .

After some 40,000 miles the engine started misfiring and losing power, gradually. The local dealer thought it was due to the Catalytic Converter, we still have leaded gas in Kuwait, and removed it and grounded the Oxygen Sensor. This seemed to help for a while, but the engine power loss declined further.

I then turned to the mighty WEB for help and found your tips on typical Miata problems. The breakdown of the insulation on the Plug Wires seemed the obvious problem. A friend was in the US in Princeton, W.Virginia, again thru the WEB I was able to locate the car dealers in Princeton, although you can't search by franchise. I called one Dealer and got the name of the Mazda dealer there, who took my Credit Card order over the 'phone and my fiend picked up the order and now the car is just fine!

Mel Bryan,

Reader's Comments

This is a sampling of some of the nice things people have been saying about Miata.net. Please send us your comments.

I cannot begin to estimate how valuable your site has been in keeping my little Miata running well for over 260k miles! The reader product reviews have been a tremendous help in selecting the most appropriate parts/upgrades. Roebuck Mazda parts department is tremendous: both their prices and their assistance (especially Marshall who seems to know this car inside and out - literally!) in making certain I was ordering the correct part (even faxing a copy of a microfiche expanded view to me on one occaision). Their return policy on defective parts (very rare, but I have purchased many parts) is quite reasonable. Finally, your technical section is a big help since the shop manuals (I have three: Mazda's, Hayne's and the British one) are not always as crystal clear as they could be nor do they include all the quirks (problems!) unique to the "early 90" Miatas. I also appreciate the return e-mail advice on repairing my stuck 1990 transmission (I wasn't sure you folks would actually have the time to answer individual e-mails!). Thanks again...

Brad Ackerson, Long Beach, CA

I just wanted to thank you for your terriffic site! I've only had my 99' Miata for about 11 months but you guys have been great help, from shopping for aftermarket add ons to tips like removing the block that kept my passenger seat from going all the way back to the problem I've been having with my valve when fueling my car.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

David Neal
Neptune Bch, Fl

New logo is great! Site improvements are great! In the big, and sometimes bad, world of the Internet, this site stands out as one of the finest auto sites, even up against those of the manufacturers, whose pockets are far deeper than mere mortals.

Bob Beamesderfer

I just used the article by Jeff Anderson "Defeat the Miata's Unlocking Door" on my 99 Miata. The instructions were perfect and the explanations were great. My assistant (wife) and I completed the job on both doors in less than 30 minutes. The only differences I noticed for the 99's are that the "black metal unlocking lever" is now copper in color, and the lever is now a hardened metal that will not bend. I carefully increased pressure but it never bent at all, it just broke. This worked just fine as the lever is  out of the way and the door locks function flawlessly.

Glen L. Todd

Hi, my name is Josh. I'm 15, and I live in Felton, DE. Not too far away from you. Like you, and so many other people, I am a Miata enthusiast. Actually, I am full blown obsessed withem. In my opinion, they are the cutest little sporst cars ever put out on the market! If I had the choice between a BMW Roadster or a Miata, I would go straight for the Miata!! My "dream" Miata is of course a '99. I want it to be black (Brilliant Black I believe it's called), with a brown top and tan leather interior. I haven't had Driver's Ed yet, so I don't have my liscense. I start it next month, but Delaware passed a graduated driving law which will make me have to drive with a permit longer, and have something like cerfews for a while. I don't really like the idea, but I guess I'll live. Anyway, back to Miatas. My mom and I had seen a '92, white Miata for sale along the highway. She said that when the weather warms up, she'll take me for a test drive. Well, a few weeks ago, I found that it was sold. Just my luck! She said that she would try to take me to a dealer to see if they'd let her take me for a drive in one. I really hope they do! I want to experience it! Oh, I wanted to ask you. A '99 Miata costs about 26,000 - 27,000 dollars for a well-equipped one right? If they do, I'll probablr never own one. I haven't had a job yet. I am focusing mainly on my education (I want to be a veterinarian). I take medical courses over the summer. I only hope that I can find a well-paying job sometime. So I can save money for one. It's so strange, but whenever I see a Miata, I just get such a strange feeling. I don't whether it's jealousy or what, but I know that a Miata is my perfect match (for a car that is). You probably think I'm nuts, but I don't know anybody else who loves them as much as I do, except for you. All my other friends think they're ugly. Oh well, I think they're nuts!! It's good to have somebody to talk Miatas with. By the way, "Max" and "99" are really nice. I bet it's awesome to be able to own two Miatas!! Well, I have to go, or I'll probably keep rambling. Please e-mail me back.


I just bought my first used 1990 Miata. I have wanted one ever since they were first introduced on the market. I absolutely LOVE driving now and even volunteer to run the family errands without complaining!

Of course, I started searching the internet as soon as I got the car to learn all I could about it and found your website.

All I can say is that your site is WONDERFUL! Very informative and  helpful!!! I hadn't realized that there were so many Miata enthusiasts out there! Reading all their hints and comments has been very enlightening.

I especially enjoy your "Garage" section. Mine needed a lot of general maintenance work when I first got it and I was able to share the information with my mechanic who did not usually work on Mazdas.

I recommend your site to everyone and please thank your Webmaster for putting together a very well laid out site that is easy to navigate.

Sally Seaman

I bought my '96 Black Miata back in January '98. Since I discovered "Miata.net", I've accessed it at least 5 times a week. Your articles are well-written & I'm particularly fond of the classified section. (Just got back from L.A. with a hardtop that I bought from an ad on "the page"!)

I've managed to learn more about my Miata through this Webpage than through any other available means....it's very 'user-friendly' and offers straight-talk on just about anything! Keep up the good work!

Carl Falletta

Miata.net is fantastic. I have never attempted brake jobs, shocks, installation of sways, bleeding brakes, etc on any car in the past, due to lack of knowledge and confidence. However, the detailed instructions and help found on your web site take the mystery out of these fairly simple procedures. Thank you for keeping it going!

Pete Hodge

Hi, sorry this email is not feedback regarding Miata.Net. I just need to talk to or write somebody who would understand my loss.

I bought my '94 Laguna Blue Leather Pkg Miata in August 1995. I was 22, worked very hard to pay it off fast, and it was my source of joy, pride, and happiness. I loved my Miata. Then I met my boyfriend who gradually convinced me that small cars are relatively unsafe and dangerous because of the sudden trendiness of big Sport Utility vehicles. I know his intentions were well, as he was only concerned for my health and safety, as any significant other should be. As much as I loved my Miata and how much it meant in my life, I tried to convince myself that it was only a car, and agreed to trade it for a 1994 Ford Bronco this past June 1998. Owning and driving this Bronco obviously doesn't satisfy me as much as my Miata did. Five months later, I now feel sad, depressed, unfulfilled, with lingering feelings of nostalgia. Taking my Miata back or buying another one is no longer an option. What am I gonna do? Please help.

Sad in Seattle,
Julie N.

I have to say that the Miata classifieds are an excellent service for owners of the best car ever made.My co-pilot and I have recently listed a number of items and have been astounded by the number of quick replies.We are currently in the midst of negotiations and will probably have these items sold soon.Just wanted to express my appreciation for this service and the excellent job that is done.

Dave & Angie

I am doing some research on miatas with the idea of getting a nice used one for my wife for her birthday perhaps next year. I found your site full of really good information. I will be back many times to learn more. Keep up the great work!!!

Mark Witmer

Just wanted to thank you for the helpful instructions. I just changed out  my timing belt this weekend. It was suprisingly easy. The only tough part  was the 21mm crank bolt. I found, if you wedge a torque wrench handle by   the right side headlight motor it easly came loose with a blip of the   ignition. Other than that, it took about 3 hours start to finish!

Thanks again
Brent Robertson

Bless your heart, Gary. I had asked you if you knew about the background music to the 99 Miata TV commercial. I had been looking for it since February when the commercials first started running. You didn't know but gave me the name of the advertising company, W.B. Doner.

I found their phone number and called. I spoke with one of the people that created the commercial, Jennifer Martin. She was pleased to hear that most of the people I know really like the commercial -- even non-Miata people.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you what I found out. The music is from Crystal Method on their cd Vegas. The track is called High Roller. Now you know, in case you ever get asked again. The entire cd is really great, too.

Thanks again!!!

Vicki Jo Howe

I am so glad that I found your site. I was having some minor problems with my car, and have not been able to find anyone with enough experience with Miatas. I have found that most of these things I can do myself!!! I am excited about owning "the peanut" again!


David Hance

Just a quick note to tell you what a fabulous web site you have. Our daughter is considering a 91 mazda miata and your web site is the best we've come across. I don't think we've ever seen a web site with as much information as yours has and also one so well organized. Thank you and congratulations.

G. Honour

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this great site together! I've been eyeing a used Miata for some time and the information contained in your website allowed me make a highly informed purchase. After much research, I purchased a 94' Miata A-package / AC with 29K miles for $10,900.

Thanks Again!

Keith (Portland, OR)

Gary , The saga is over (or is it just begining ?) I should'nt bother you with this you but you helped me make up my mind .I bought the new red '97 with the leather pkg as you said you would in my place. Got a good deal and could' nt be happier. This is the latest of a long list of sports cars starting with a '59 Bugeye Sprite that I bought in '62. MG's, X19's , MR2's followed. I retired in 1990 and have wanted a Miata ever since..and its now in my garage ! Thanks for your help

Mike Murphy 

My 1992 Miata with 39,000 kilometers on the odometer started with  a rough idle one morning. The shop manual points the rough idle  condition to something called HLA (whatever that is) in the  cylinder head. Fortunately, I can recall that I have read  something about the Miata ignition cable only last about 30,000  miles. I immediately swap the cables with the ones from my Mazda  323 and the problem disappear. Your Miata Ignition page in the  Miata net have saved me several hours poking under the hood and  probably a few spare parts I did not need.

Thank you for the good work.

Thawan Sucharitakul
Chiang Mai, THAILAND

Awesome site!!! Found out about via Road & Track. Kudos to all and sundry for excellent comprehensive effort to inform on all accounts. You will be an oft visted for every single facet of web info. Many thanks for your efforts, compared to other non-informative type web memory wastes!

Dana and John Sullivan

I just wanted to thank you all for the great site. I just purchased a 1993 SE and your site was extremely informative and helped me decide which year and model to get. Keep up the good work.

LoCascio Family

Just thought I'd let you know that your site is excellent for a number of reasons. I'll explain:

After deciding it was time for Daddy to get his own vehicle (We have shared a car for about 8 years now) I went through the dilema of what to get. I was thinking about an older Beamer or Merc. or even a sporty VeeDub. While at a VW dealer (looking at a 1988 733!) I spotted a red Miata 1990 - within my price range, I thought, what the hell, I'll try it out! Well, was I surprised! I had owned an older 924 (1/2 VW) and before that, an MGB. This baby was VERY remenisent (Sp?) of my '72 'B. Needless to say, I had found my car, or at least, the brand!

I am now a proud owner of a '91, BRG model (I stole it of a dealer for $11,500 Canadian!) and, yes, it came with a hard top!

After buying it, I cruised the "netwaves" and found your sight. I have already "fixed" the radio/CD problem, and the door lock annoyance, using the excellent contributions from your readers.

After looking in vain for a workshop manual, I read the review for the "enthusiasts manual" and ordered it from one of your sponsers. I made a point of mentioning where I found his ad. - on Miata.net. He was pleased about that! Let's hope that the sponsorship for your site continues, and it is kept running for a good many years. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Peter Jenkins.

Gladly! Without miata.net, I wouldn't have:

  1. known about all the cool aftermarket stuff for miatas
  2. bought a miata because #1 was a factor in my decision
  3. found the '93 LE i'm currently driving that was in perfect condition with only 20,000 miles on the clock when I bought it in 3/97
  4. met so many people who share my enthusiasm for these incredible cars

Thank you!

Chris Carter

Nice to see that the guys over at Road & Track are actually in touch with what's going on. You know what's kind of funny, your site played a part in my Miata purchase. I was considering a Del Sol <gasp> at one time.. not sure why. Anyway, I took a look at their website (www.clubsol.com I think) and it was full of Miata flames and messages from immature kids bragging about their new 3-spoke Antera wheels and Greddy stickers.  Your site, on the other hand, was (and is) excellent.. plus, the mailing list really is one of the most helpful I've seen up to date.

Pardon my gushing. :)

Eli Troychansky

sicart.jpg (17364 bytes)Thanks to you (Miata of the month july 1998) I meet a Texan (DR Robinson) who came from Houston to France. He saw my luggage rack on the net and wanted the same. I bought it for him in France. In exchange he bought the Oris Windstop from Serious for me and brought it in France. We made the exchange in the Paris CDG Airport. He told me that he will make a write up and send it to you. That's Miata support around the world !!!!!! I give you a picture of the exchange.He is on the rigth side and me on the left.

Thierry SICART

Hi folks,
As a German Miata-maniac I simply got to tell you the following:

This is one of the best web-sites I've ever had the pleasure to visit !


Hi There

I just wanted to say thanks for the time, effort & content you put into this site. I just bought myself a black 94 Miata after lusting after one for years, and a friend of mine sent me the link for this page. I am Physched, and can not wait for the warm weather to put the top down! Again thanks for the info - I have book marked this page and will be back often.

Time to go for a ride




Sorry for shouting, but I couldn't help myself. Please feel free to pass on my thanks to anyone you think deserves it.

Mike and Michelle Philpot

I really love the site and as I soon will turn 16, it greatly helped me to decide what my first car would be. On Friday I got my first car, a 1994 black fully loaded Miata with a Tan interior. Thanks I will be visiting often to learn about the many upgrades available.

Michael Ederer

I also wanted to say that you guys are doing the most awesome job on Miata.net. You've given us the ultimate source for info and help. I've saved mucho $$$ from buying from your various classified ads and reading up on the tech section.

Jay Sundee

I bought a 1995 Miata this past July. While looking for the car I used your site to look up things, what to watch out for, part replacement costs, tips and used car prices. This week I also learned that when it is recommended to do something I should do it. Articles I found through your site told of the need to replace the spark plug wires before 30,000 miles, at 29,840 miles my wires gave out. If it had not been for the information that I found on your site I would have thought my car was headed to the scrap heap one cylinder at a time.

Thank You All.

Bob Perry

I just wanted to let you know that the Miata is back up and working fine. I had them change the switch and the problem is resolved. I couldn't have gotten it fixed without your expertise. I let the dealer know that I got the diagnosis from your web page. The service writer was impressed. the technician wasn't. I will pass the word about your web page and hopefully the next time I'm browsing it, it is for pleasure only. Don't know what I can do to ever help you out, but you have my E-Mail and Web Address. Look us up when your in Sun Diego.

Mike Frawley

As always, my congratulations and appreciation for the effort and time you put into both the web site and the Miata group. There are a great many of us who owe both of you far more than we could say. Thanks again for your work, your effort, and most of all, for your patience, understanding, and willingness to put up with those of us who are functionally computer illiterate.

Jim TWIG Terwilliger

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you've exercised in order to bring us, the little people, enough information about the new Miata, Eunos Roadster, or just Roadster, to satiate our ever passion for the car. I can't say that the purely evolutionary changes are driving my '95 R-car to the dealer for a deposit, but then it took me until about '95 to acquire a taste for the original. But now, I can't imagine having fun in anything else. Once again, thank you for   providing such a splendid website and keep up the good work!!

James Vicary

Thank you for the best sight on the Miata I have found to date. And a  special thank's to Jeff Anderson who saved me a bundle of money. I  was going to replace my radio until I spoted his tip on the on/off  problems with the radio. I followed his instructions and now have a  radio that work's. Thank's again to you and Jeff.

Steve Morrison

AFter a '69 mustang, a '76 Datsun 280Z, and the last six years with nothing but Honda VFR motorcycles, I've bought a Miata ('91 limited edition, 5sp, high miles but imacculate mechanical condition). Having just blown 2 hours browsing the miata faq and related sites, I must commend you on _great_ work. It's really exciting to find this kind of mother-load of information! I'd known about the enthusiasm the car prompted, but the web presence is truly beyond belief.

-thanks very much for making my day.

Brendan C Guy

I continue to be amazed and impressed at the breadth of information available on your webite. What a tremendous resource. Keep up the good work!

Gabe Labovitz

I'm about to become a Miata owner, having finally taken a nice long test drive without the salesman present. What a car!

I've been all over your remarkabl site. I'm interested in a lot of different things, many of which are represented by good sites on the web. But no site on any subject that I've seen comes close to yours in terms of quality of information, completeness, and presentation. Hell, there aren't even any typos, misspellings or bad grammer!

Thanks for a superb site.

Bob Parkinson

I love your website! Lots of Miata information here! I have a 97 Montego Blue, most fun of any car I have ever owned.  Cannot imagine ever being without one. I have wanted one for several years, but thought it was too impractical. Finally my common sense weakened, for which I am thankful! Love it! Everytime I drive it, fall in love with it again!

Margaret Otley

Your site is great! I found it recently during my purchase of a new Miata. (A spiffy M edition, I must add.) Years ago, when I owned my first roadster, I subscribed to R&T which was my auto Bible. I'm not only sold by your site as a Miata owner/fan, but as a consultant with an IT focus, it's there. Keep up the good work. You're contending with Harmony-Central, my other passion, as my default location.

Charlie Mayer

Hooked on the MiataWeb, and feel cut off from the world when the server is down.. But thanks to the MiataWeb I've learned alot about my Miata, and have made multiple purchases from MiataWeb sponsors. Roebuck Mazda just saved me $60. on the cost of a turn signal assembly, local dealers wanted $108!.

Seems the list always has something for me, and the car!!!   Either friendly chat, technical advice, or new products.  Keep up the great work! I'm keeping the car forever..

Stan Pina, 95 red

I just absulotly love the convertible miata's the best that car is my dream car. I'm only 13 now I can't wait until I'm 16 to get it. My favorite colors are red,white,blue,and yellow. Thanks so much for inventing this car. I'm already saving up my money. Thanks again

Klair McDermott

I just bought a Miata and did much of the research through your Web site just prior to and just after purchasing. It is an extremely well prepared area and was of great help to me. I thank those responsible and keep up the good work.


Could you please advise where I might obtain a chook (chicken) for my boot (trunk).

I love it.

Rick Fischer

Thank you so much for a great sight! I just bought a 94 Miata and was looking for some info, lucky me, I found your sight and found the answers to two questios that I had. One was on the."on/off switch fix". You saved me a lot of time, and I thank Jeff Anderson and you for making that info known. I have book marked your sight and will return often. Thank's again,

Steve Morrison

Just a long overdue thanks for all of the work you guys put into the web site and mailing list. Part of what has made owning a Miata so much fun this past year is the sense of belonging to a community. It's nice to know when you have a problem, someone has been there before and has a solution. The web site and list makes all of that possible.

Thank you,

Allen Barteld

This is an incredible website. I don't own a Miata yet but you better believe that I will before the year is up. I am SOLD. If this isn't the most affordable funcar of the decade then tell me what is. The Honda CRX comes close and the Del Sol is cute...but I gotta have a MIATA!!!!

Thanks for letting me rave. =^)

Mark A. R. Keller

Love ya! Love YA! LOVE YA!

Great great site, the starting point to a successful venture. Your links are super, site well organized, the attention to detail and finally your reviews very very helpful in deciding what hardware to buy. Thank God for the net and for people like yourselves that care enough to put time and effort into a project like WWW.MIATA.NET.

Jose Polit

While in the market for our 1st Miata, I read every link I could find concerning purchase of a used one. Thanks to Miata.net and friendly people we're now the proud owners of a low low mileage 95 Montego Blue. Again, great site and keep up the good work!

Steve Burke

I'm so glad I found you guys!! I'm just about to purchase my first Miata! I found Skip Cannon's information invaluable!! I'm going to hurt this salesman tomorrow! I'm looking at a 95 Popular pkg with gold, cassette, CD, black inside and out, silver alloys and 22000 miles for hopefully $14000. I hope this is a good deal, so far my research indicate this and the other dealers I've spoken to over the past few months while I've been on my search for the best car for the best deal also indicates this is a great time to buy used miatas. The dealers seem nervous about it being june and they still have convertibles on the lot. Wish me luck, because if it works out, I will be visiting your wonderful site again and again! thanks again!

Patrick Burnett

I think this is one of the greatest car sites on the web. Great work.

Ryan Langford

The 'Miata Net' is fantastic! It's helps to unlock all you ever need to know about the Miata. Some of the cars you feature are unbelievable and certainly make me envious I have had two, the first a 1994 1.8 liter 'Clubman' ( sorta Australian equivalent to the American 'R-package' ) and now a 1990 1.6 with no power steering or air-con ( basic go-cart! ). I find this car to be more entertaining and with a sweeter exhaust note. Anyway keep up the good work!

Arun Rajan

I am a miata owner (lover) and came across your site at 10pm tonight. It is now 2:26 am EDT. Found a lot of info I was looking for and then some. I just put $3200 into the stereo system and now I plan on getting some engine work done. Wish I would of found the sight sooner because I put air horns on what a pain in the rear. The little red Italian ones look a lot easier to install. I also installed mine to the alarm system along with a switch to flip between the original and the air horn. Any way great site, ah kudos and all that jazz!! keep up the good work.


I bought my Miata in Nov. of 96, a 1990 red 5 speed with only 35,000 miles on it, it is the best automobile i have ever owned, and let me tell you, i have owned about 45 cars and trucks in my 57 years, Mustangs, Roadrunners, and some not so muscle cars, but i am here to tell you that this Miata brings back the old fire of youth , it is fun fun fun to drive. One thing i don't have to worry about is speeding, i have a voice activated speed control sitting in the passager seat, and when it goes off, you listen. We live in Florida, and it has been top down all winter long, hate to rub it in yanks, but!!! and yes it has been to the beach, we live about 20 minutes from the gulf and that Miata still draws a lot fo looks, i tell my wife they are looking at me, but sadley it is the car. I hope all of you are as happy with your Miata as i am with mine thank you for listening .

Jess Dunham

Just thought to pat you guys on the back for a really great site. I just bought a Miata And I am a web designer, so I appreciate everything you put into this site.

Jeff Tang






One day I will own a Miata!!! Thanks for the rockin' web site; A shrine to the most fabulous car in the world!

Liz Scott

I LOVE MY MIATA!!!! My husband bought it for me as a "ok, maby you won't marry me, but, you still get the car" presant. well....I didn't marry him because he gave me that beautiful little red Miata, but it didn't hurt! I have been married for six months now, and have had the car for a year. I LOVE MY MIATA,(AND MY HUSBAND) I have a hard top with it, and only used it in the cold winter months here in NC. I live for the spring when I can put the top down and run the roads! I know it is not the most practical car you can own, but is sure is FUN!! Would I buy another one? You bet....as soon as this one is worn out! That will take some time, I am sure. It is bright red, no dents, no scratches, no stains. Looks like I drove it off the show room, and its a 1991! I took it Florida this summer, changed the oil before I left, and again when I got back. SURPRISE!!! The oil looked new, the engine was clean. There have been no repair, only changing fluids etc. WHAT A CAR!!! Thanks for the Miata page.....I thought I was one of the only Miata nuts out there!

Marti Miller

Great website for a great car. I was so impresed by the enthusiasm of everyone who contributed to this site, I just had test drive a Miata after work. I enjoyed driving the Miata so much, I moved my car buying plan from next fall to this weekend.

Thanks for an excellent site,

David Graham

The web site is awsome!!!!!! I have had my Miata for exactly one year and I still love the whole mystic behind the car.

Thank You for a Great Web Site.

Russell J. Madretzke

I am now the proud owner of a 1995 Miata, British racing green with tan leather interior. This site was invaluable in helping me with my purchase decision. Thank you so much! I'll be back to your site often!

Steven Leonard

Thanks for your work on the miata.net. It certainly is useful and has given me a lot of info from a broad range of people. It actually contributed to my decision to purchase a used '94 Miata. I felt more informed than ever before about the purchase of a used car.

Keep up the great work.


Wow! Thanks to all at miata.net for providing an outstanding resource for miata owners andenthusiasts!!

This site is well written, superbly maintained and special kudos to the graphics people that have created an eye candy site for miata lovers!

Keep it up!

Holly Martindale

Great Site! Contains useful info for owner of a recently acquired 90 MX-5 (with only 16K miles. the dentist only drove to the office) Thanks for the first valueable Web site I've yet to discover.

Rick Herrmann

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this site. I recently bought a very clean low mileage (under 18,000 miles)1991 Miata. You have brought me a great sense of relief when finding the very few quirks in my car. Each small problem I have faced, such as the hood squeak and radio not coming on, was well covered to the point of making what could be "adventures" turn into solutions.

Thank you for this service!

Thad McKinney

What a COOL place! Have spent hours on this site. Reading about all sort of interesting things. Sooo interesting! Makes a Miata enthusiast feel pretty special. Keep up the good work!


Cissy Brazil

Having been a enthusiast for a relatively short time I must say that miata.net has provided more insight, hindsight and forsight to the joys, trials, and tribulations of owning and caring for a Miata.

Tom Pellowski

I really enjoyed your web pages. I'm 18 and have had a Miata for 1 1/2 years now. I'm enjoying every minute of it (not just because of the compliments). I enjoyed the information you published, it was very interesting. It's good to know others are enjoying Miata's as much as I am. Keep up the good work.

Herbert Williams

Congratulations on making one of the best web pages I've seen. I am now considering purchasing a Miata thanks to your informative and fun page.

Nathan Sauer

Fabulous website! The FAQ is the best I've ever seen. The graphics, text styling, and especially the hyperlinking bring it head and shoulders above other FAQs I've seen. I've been a die-hard rec.autos.vw reader for years, but this just doesn't compare (granted, sort of an apples an oranges comparison, but the rec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled www site isn't the best).

 Can't wait till we get our Miata next year so we feel like we really belong here.

 James McElroy,Westborough, MA

I love this site!!!

Capel States

I've been driving a 92 black special edition Mazda MX-5 Miata and I have to tell you that I simply adore your M-Net, your home pages and stuff. It's real great for information purposes. I really look forward to visiting your M-Net quite often. Even the Idea of founding a M-Club is a great Idea.

Keep on going this strong guys and the Miata World will fall in love with your M-Net.

Kind regards Danny, Miata Enthusiast, Switzerland

If it wasn't for Miata.Net and this list I'd have probably bought a Del Sol or a VW GTI VR6.

Steve Barr

Hi guys! What a thrill to find your site just when I needed help! Also, how come my new Miata Magazine doesn't list this wonderful site!!!!????

Judy Osborn

Awesome!!! Somebody must be reading my mind about being able to quickly find a particular article on repairs. I just knew when I would need to find something I had read in the magazine, it would take me forever. Now I have the solution. Thanks so much.

Barbara Luning

Terrific site with mucho info, a nice look, and well organized.

Duncan Coolidge

You guy's have done excellent job! I am considering buying a preowned Miata, all the infomation I have recieved has been very very informative. It will definitly help me in locating the best Miata.

Dr. Sanjay Anand

This page is the best. Now I know how to get through those cold New England winters whilest my Miata is in the garage!

Joseph M. George

For years I have dreamed of buying a Miata. This week I came to the net as part of my job and thought that it would be a great place to research my dream car. And that is what brought me to Miata.net. Because of the great information I received from the various areas of this site, I have convinced myself (and my wife) that buying the Miata is a must. Thanks for lots of great information.

Brian Rust

I'd like to complement you on Miata.net. I find it an invaluable res ource for products and information, and as a Miata owner, I can brag that my car has one of the greatest internet-based information services anywhere.

Gregg Rosann

I seem to be experiencing my "second wave" of Miata mania recently, since buying my Laguna Blue C back in '94. I really enjoy all the resources on the Net, and appreciate all the efforts by you and others like you that help to make the Miata experience something special.

Many thanks,

John M. O'Hara

While sending my check to Norman et al. for another year of the MCA Magazine, it ocurred (sic) to me that the Web site is at least as useful, if not more, than the magazine. Enclosed are my net.dues.

Bob Cohen

And BTW, let me say (cuz I haven't said it b4) that your whole site is extremely impressive from a technical POV. You manage to keep a LOT of information easily accessible.

Tony Schreiber

I found your Miata home page. I love it and it was very helpful in my search for my used Miata. Thanks,

Jim Doyle

(I'm sorry my Ultimate Broken English. I cannot use English very well.) I'm glad to find the Miata Net on the Internet,and I want to access you. And your Miata Net is very wellcome for me.

Jun Shikano

Living on the opposite side of the globe (well, almost...), this net is a godsend to me. It allows me to keep in touch with the spirit, you know.

J-P Mannermaa

Greatly enjoy the content of the Web Page - kep up the good work.

Rich DeLaCruz

You're doing a GREAT job on the Miata.net!! I really love it and I always find it very informative :) I don't know what I would do without the Miata.Net homepage and the mailing list .. so thanx a lot :) Smooth driving ;)

Elham Alyan ..aka.. Lolla

P.S. I'm buying my first Miata this afternoon! It's a '90, red, A-package. I owe much of the comfort I'm feeling about this decision to Miata.net - the breadth of information available to a car neophyte (I've driven a '74 Superbeetle my entire life) has been wonderful. Thanks!


I've had my '92 red Miata for about a month now, and I'd just like to say what a great site you've got here. With all the fantastic content I feel like I know that car inside out. I was able to get the dealer to replace the factory radio (it wouldn't turn on, it was raining... :) ) with a new unit after I showed him all the info on the chronic turn-on problem. I also was able to install my headrest speakers,(removing console, dash, and re-wiring the radio) with the information I gathered from Miata.net. Thanks for being here... great site.

Jerry Kwit

I truly appreciate this site being available. I have lurked here for several months reading the archives almost daily. As a corporate being, I live behind a firewall that tends to delay E-mail by up to several days. Having the archives out there and available helps tremendously. Thanks so much for maintaining this site and providing a forum for all the characters that make the mail list the interesting site that it has become.

Scott Gillette

Just wanted to say that this is probably the best web site I have come across! The information is well organized and it is very easy to find what you are looking for! Thanks for taking the time to set this up!

David Gau

Your Web site is fantastic! It is truly amazing to be able to sit here in Australia and correspond with Miataphiles all around the world. The technical articles are worth their weight in gold. Keep up the good work.

Bruce Marshall

Thanks, and this is a GREAT web site, btw! I really appreciate your efforts. It was very nice to be able to sit down, log in and have more Miata information at my fingertips than I could imagine.

Cat Stanton

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