Adjusting the Clutch

by Steve Karkenny


Sometimes you may feel like your clutch isn't engaging or releasing as you'd like. Here's a simple procedure to get the clutch feel as you like it!

Tools Needed:


First you must get under the steering wheel so you are looking at the top of the clutch pedal:

Next, you must loosen the bolt that stops the shaft from turning:

Now, you just turn the shaft Clockwise to have it engage further up (later), or you turn it CCW to have it engage further down (sooner). This can be done with your hand, it should be easy to move. I have found that one full revolution of the shaft moves the engagement point about 1/10 of an inch in either direction.

And that's it! Just tighten up the bolt that stops the shaft from moving, and take the car for a drive! Then repeat until the engagement point you want is reached!

P.S - Mad Swede from pointed out that i missed a few things. First off, when you are adjusting the pedal, you must check the freeplay. when you are adjusting it, it changes the "dead zone", where you can push the pedal without much resistance. while you are adjusting it, you want the freeplay to be around .2 to .5 inches. Also, when you finally tighten the nut, you must make sure the rod doesent turn. Mad Swede said he used a dot of whiteout on the rod so he could check if it moved, which is a also good idea.

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4 January, 2007

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